1. The Magnificent Muraco v. SD Jones
2. Bob Backlund v. King Kong Mosca
3. The Moondogs &Capt. Lou Albano v. Martel, Garea & Andre the Giant
4. Rick Mgraw v. Steve Canyon
5. Sgt. Slaughter v. Mil Mascaras



1.        Dominic Denucci v. Larry Sharpe

2.        Johnny Rodz v. Tom Schroder

3.        Bulldog Brower v. Steve Travis

4.        Tony Atlas v. King Kong Mosca

5.        Little Boy Blue v. Haiti Kid

6.        Bob Backlund v. Magnificent Muraco (Texas Death Match.)

7.        Greg Valentine v. SD Jones

8.        Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito


Cap Centre March 28, 1982 (GOOD QUALITY)

1.        Steve Travis defeated Johnny Rodz at 12:47

2.        Princess Victoria defeated Wendy Richter at 11:02

3.        Greg Valentine defeated WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales via disqualification at 15:18

4.        Mr. Siato defeated Jose Estrada at 11:11

5.        WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Adrian Adonis in a lumberjack match at 16:04

6.        Rick McGraw defeated Charlie Fulton at 8:52

7.        Jesse Ventura defeated Tony Garea at 14:06

8.        Ivan Putski defeated Mr. FuJi at 4:12




1.  Sal Bellomo v. Charlie Fulton

2.  Tony Garea v. Pete Sanchez

3.  SD Jones v. Johnny Rodz

4.  Curt Hennig v. Eddie Gilbert

5.  Superstar Billy Graham v. Pat Patterson

6.  Rocky Johnson v. Buddy Rose

7.  Jimmy Snuka v. Ray Stevens

8.  Jay & Jules Strongbow v. Wild Samoans

9.  Pedro Morales v. Mr. Fuji

10.  Bob Backlund v. Don Muraco




1.        Baron Miguel Scicluna v. Eddie Gilbert

2.        Charlie Fulton v. Pete Sanchez

3.        Swede Hanson v. Mr. Fuji

4.        Rocky Johnson v. Magnificent Muraco (Muraco is a bloody mess!)

5.        Johnny Rodz v. Mac Rivera

6.        Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd

7.        Bob Bradley v. Jose Estrada

8.        Tony Garea v. Tony Altimore

9.        Superstar Billy Graham v. Sal Bellomo

Bonus match

10.     Hulk Hogan v. Iron Sheik (MSG 1/84  Hulk Hogan defeats the Iron Sheik to win the WWF Title.)


CAPITAL CENTRE 5/28/83 [24/7] 2 DISKS

1.        Barry Hart (Horowitz) v. Mac Rivera

2.        Salvatore Bellomo v. Ivan Koloff

3.        Fabulous Moolah & Lai Lani Kai v. Princess Victoria & Susan Starr

4.        Jimmy Snuka v. Sika

5.        Iron Mike Sharpe v. Baron Miguel Scicluna

6.        Rocky Johnson v. Magnificent Muraco (VERY GOOD MATCH)

7.        Samu v. Bob Bradley

8.        Chief Jay Strongbow v. Sgt. Slaughter

9.        Bob Backlund v. Afa



1.        STEVE KING   -Vs-   BOB BRADLEY

2.        JEFF CRANEY   -Vs-   JACK CARSON


4.        WWF Intercontinental Title:   MAGNIFICENT MURACO   -Vs-   JIMMY SNUKA   (Grudge Match)

5.        ROCKY JOHNSON   -Vs-   MR. FUJI


7.        SWEDE HANSON   -Vs-   TONY COLON




1.        B. Brian Blair v. Rene Goulet

2.        George Steele v. Akira Maeda

3.        Chief Jay Strongbow v. Jesse “The Body” Ventura

4.        Greg Valentine v. Tony Garea

5.        Tiger Chung Lee v. Jose Luis Rivera

6.        Int – Iron Sheik

7.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Iron Sheik

8.        Rocky Johnson, SD Jones & Bobo Brazil v. Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff & David Schultz

9.        Int – Bobo  Brazil

10.     Bob Backlund v. Mr. Fuji


Met Center 6/84 (Very Good quality)

Note, there are also several World Class Championship Wrestling matches on here as well.  All matches on this disk have Japanese

Commentary.  The interviews have Japanese voice overs as well.

Matches 1-4 are from World Class Championship Wrestling

1.        Kerry von Erich v. Ric Flair (Texas Stadium, Von Erich wins the NWA World Title)

2.        Kevin, Mike & Fritz Von Erich v. The Freebirds

3.        Kerry & Kevin Von Erich v. Killer Khan & Terry Gordy

4.        Jimmy Garvin v. Buck Zumhoff

Matches 5-8 are from the WWF show at the Met Center in Minnesota.

5.        Battle Royal

6.        Mil Mascaras v. Tiger Chung Lee

7.        Int – Hulk Hogan

8.        Hulk Hogan v. Dr. D. David Schultz


Cap Centre June 9, 1984 (Very Good quality)

1.        Televised on the USA Network - included Gorilla Monsoon on commentary:

2.        SD Jones pinned Tiger Chung Lee at 13:36 with a small package

3.        Jesse Ventura defeated Tony Garea via submission with the backbreaker at 5:40

4.        Greg Valentine defeated Salvatore Bellomo via submission with the figure-4 at 3:34; during the bout, the middle rope broke after
Valentine rammed his knee into the middle turnbuckle when Bellomo moved out of the way

5.        Jimmy Snuka pinned David Schultz at 9:38 with a crossbody off the top; after the bout, Monsoon interviewed Snuka at ringside

6.        Sgt. Slaughter pinned the Iron Sheik in a bootcamp match at 13:10 after hitting him with Sheik's own boot

7.        Roddy Piper pinned Rocky Johnson at around the 6-minute mark with his feet on the ropes after hitting Johnson with a foreign

8.        Terry Daniels pinned Samula at 6:46 with a sunset flip

9.        Ivan Putski defeated Bob Orton Jr. via disqualification at 8:36 after Orton shoved down referee Dick Worley; after the bout,
Putski cleared Orton from the ring


Cap Centre July 28, 1984 (Very Good quality)

1.        Televised on the USA Network - included Gorilla Monsoon on commentary:

2.        Charlie Fulton pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 9:26 when the momentum of a crossbody by Rivera put Fulton on top for the win

3.        Tony Garea pinned Iron Mike Sharpe at 5:39 after jumping into Sharpe and pushing his knees down on the shoulders during the

4.        Sika fought George Steele to a double count-out at 5:30 when both men began brawling on the floor, using the timekeeper's
table, and then brawling to the back with a steel chair; prior to the bout, Mr. Fuji escorted Steele to ringside before going

5.        WWF Women's Tag Team Champions Princess Victoria & Velvet McIntyre defeated Peggy Lee & Peggy Peterson at 13:15
when McIntyre pinned Patterson with a sunset flip

6.        Sgt. Slaughter defeated Greg Valentine via disqualification at 10:36 after Valentine pulled referee Dick Worley into Slaughter as
Slaughter attempted to apply the Cobra Clutch; prior to the bout, Capt. Lou Albano escorted Valentine to the ring before going

7.        Paul Orndorff defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan via disqualification at 12:12 after the referee caught Hogan using
the challenger's brass knuckles, which Orndorff had been using moments earlier

8.        Roddy Piper defeated Jimmy Snuka via count-out at 6:17 when Snuka threw Piper back inside the ring after both men began
brawling on the floor; after the bout, Snuka hit a headbutt on the referee and continued to attack Piper until several wrestlers and
 officials came out to restrain him

9.        The Iron Sheik defeated Billy Travis via submission at 3:30 with the Camel Clutch; prior to the bout, Freddie Blassie escorted
the Sheik to the ring before going backstage


Capital Centre 7/20/85:

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Ron Shaw (joined in progress)

B. Brian Blair vs. Moondog Spot

Jim Brunzell vs. Barry O (joined in progress)

Uncle Elmer vs. Tiger Chung Lee

Big John Studd vs. Lanny Poffo

Randy Savage vs. George Wells

Ricky Steamboat vs. Bob Orton

Roddy Piper vs. Paul Orndorff


Cap Centre August 17, 1985 [24/7]

1.        Featured Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura on commentary

2.        Johnny V pinned Steve Lombardi at 5:04 with a clothesline and elbow drop; after the bout, Johnny V threw his opponent out to
the floor (Amazing Managers)

3.        Cousin Junior (w/ Hillbilly Jim) pinned Moondog Spot at 12:46 with a mule kick after Spot was distracted by Jim on the floor
(Wrestling's Country Boys)

4.        Adrian Adonis pinned Tony Garea at 9:57 with the DDT

5.        Terry Funk defeated Salvatore Bellomo via submission with the sleeper at 10:47; after the bout, Funk branded his opponent

6.        The Junkyard Dog & Ricky Steamboat defeated Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji at 13:33 when Steamboat pinned Fuji with a sunset
flip; after the match, JYD freed himself from the ring ropes and cleared the ring with his chain

7.        Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Swede Hanson & Lanny Poffo at 10:37 when Bret pinned Hanson after Neidhart hit a
clothesline to the back of the head

8.        Randy Savage pinned Rick McGraw at 9:16 with the flying elbowsmash

9.        WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Brutus Beefcake at 12:35 with a roll up after Beefcake accidentally hit Johnny V
with the running kneelift as V was on the ring apron; moments prior to the finish, Beefcake kicked out of the legdrop as Johnny
climbed up on the apron to distract the champion (Hulkamania 2, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake)


Capital Centre 1/18/86:

SD Jones vs. Rene Goulet

George Wells vs. Barry O

Terry Funk vs. Danny Spivey

Randy Savage vs. Scott McGhee

Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat

Hart Foundation vs. British Bulldogs


Baltimore Civic Center 3/1/86:

Jim Powers vs. Barry O

George Wells vs. Jose Luis Rivera

Danny Spivey vs. Ron Shaw

Sivi Afi vs. Rene Goulet

Junk Yard Dog vs. AJ Petruzzi

Tony Atlas vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

George Steele & Corporal Kirchner vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik





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