Terry Funk/Tod Gordon Interview

Tag Team Title Match: Hellriders vs. Super Destroyers

Sandman Music Video- I.. I don't know what to say. I've seen this video twice and I'm still stunned. This isn't the smoking, drinking Sandman, this is

the Colorful outfit, carring a surfboard Sandman. Wow.

Sal Bellomo vs. Tommy Cairo

Tony Stetson vs. Rockin Rebel

Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Winters

Sal Bellomo vs. Ernesto Benefico



Glen Osbourne vs. Johnny Hotbody

Larry Winters and Tony Stetson vs. Somoan Warrior and Chris Michaels

ECW Title Match: Kodiak Bear vs. Sandman

Eddie Gilbert vs. JT Smith

Tommy Cairo vs. Super Ninja



Canadian Wolfman and Super Ninja vs. Super Destroyers

Tommy Cairo vs. Jimmy Snuka

Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osbourne- Terry Funk comes in after to give Gilbert some WCW-like chair shots as they have a small brawl in the small crowd.

Rockin Rebel/Sandman/Peaches Segment- Look at little ECW, running angles!

ECW Title Match: Jimmy Snuka vs. Glen Osbourne- Snuka wins the tournament and the TV Title.



Tag Team Title Match: Larry Winters vs. Tony Stetson vs. Super Destroyers

Eddie Gilbert/Don Muraco/Jimmy Snuka Interview

Johnny Hotbody/Chris Candido Int

Tommy Cairo and JT Smith vs. Suicide Blondes (Johnny Hotbody and Chris Candido

Jimmy Snuka/Don Muraco Int

Hellriders vs. Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco

ECW Title Match: Rockin Rebel vs. Sandman



Terry Funk Interview- Funk is talking to his horse's ass, calling it Eddie Gilbert. That's pretty funny.

JT Smith and Glem Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert and Don Muraco- Want a classic ECW moment? How about the first one right here as Paul Heyman

debuts and cuts a promo.

Tag Team Title Match: Tony Stetson and Larry Winters vs. Super Destroyers

ECW Title Match: Sal Bellomo vs. Sandman

Rockin Rebel vs. Ernesto Benefico

Johnny Hotbody vs. Tommy Cairo



Paul E Dangerously/Tod Gordon Interview- Heyman takes some ECW shots here.

Terry Funk Segment

Tag Team Title Match: Larry Winters and Tony Stetson vs. Super Destroyers- Tag titles change here to Winters and Stetson.

Eddie Gilbert and Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith and Max Thrasher

Sal Bellomo vs. Canadian Wolfman

Tommy Cairo vs. Johnny Hotbody

Sandman and Peaches vs. Rockin Rebel and Tigra



Paul E Dangerously/Tod Gordon/Don Muraco Interview

Super Destroyers vs. Larry Winters and Tony Stetson

Max Thrasher and JT Smith vs. Jimmy Snuka and Eddie Gilbert

Terry Funk Int

Suicidal Blondes vs. Tony Stetson and Larry Winters

Glen Osbourne vs. Don Muraco

ECW Title Match: Rockin Rebel vs. Sandman



Sal Bellomo vs. HD Rider

Tag Team Title Match: Suicidal Blondes vs. Tony Stetson and Larry Winters- Chris Candido and Johnny Hotbdy win the tag titles.

Tod Gordon/Paul E Dangerously/Don Muraco Interview

Don Muraco vs. Ernesto Benefico

Terry Funk Int

Canadian Wolfman and Max Thrasher vs. JT Smith and Tommy Cairo

TV Title Match: Glen Osbourne vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Terry Funk/Eddie Gilbert Int



Suicidal Blondes vs. Tony Stetson and Larry Winters

Sal Bellomo vs. Super Destroyer 1

Glen Osbourne and Tommy Cairo vs. Eddie Gilbert and Superflu Jimmy Snuka

Max Thrasher vs. JT Smith

ECW Title Match: Don Muraco vs. Sandman- With some help, Muraco wins the ECW title.



Hawk Int, Terry Funk Int

Hawk vs. Somoan Warrior and Don E Allen

Hawk Int, Eddie Gilbert Int

16 Man Battle Royal- Won by Tommy Cairo.

Sandman/Peaches Int, Sal Bellomo Int

Glen Osbourne and Tommy Cairo vs. Suicidal Blondes

ECW Title Match: Sandman vs. Don Muraco



TV Title Match: Hawk vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Suicidal Blondes vs. Super Destroyers

Eddie Gilbert Int

Eddie Gilbert vs. Herve Renesto

Terry Funk Int, Rockin Rebel/Tigra Int

Sandman/Peaches Int, Dark Patriot Int

Dark Patriot vs. Terry Funk



Hawk vs. Jimmy Snuka- From Last Week.

Ivan/Vladimir Koloff Int

TommY Cairo vs. Don Muraco

Dark Patriot/Paul E Dangerously Int

Dark Patriot vs. JT Smith- Patriot drops JT Smith off the top of the "Eagle's Nest" and then jumps off it and onto Smith. It's the same

spot that guys like New Jack and Tommy Dreamer would later make famous.

Tony Stetson/Rockin Rebel Int

Tony Stetson and Rockin Rebel vs. Sandman and Larry Winters

Suicidal Blondes vs. Duper Destroyers and Sal Bellomo



Jay Sully/Tod Gordon Interview

Terry Funk Int

Ivan and Vladimir Koloff vs. Gene Osbourne and Herve Renesto

Eddie Gilbert Segment

Tony Stetson vs. Larry Winters

Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Tommy Cairo- Crowd is finally making some noise.

Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels



Hunter Q Robbins Int

Tag Team Title for Mask Match: Super Destroyers vs. Suicide Blondes- The Destroyers win their titles back.

Sandman Int

Sandman vs. Ivan Koloff- Graffic said "The Sandman, ECW Heavyweight Champion". Problem is, he isn't champ. Graffix guy is fired!

Larry Winters, Tommy Cairo, Glen Osbourne vs. Eddie Gilbert, Don Muraco, and Dark Patriot

Eddie Gilbert Int, Sal Bellomo Int

Chris Candido vs. Sal Bellomo



Terry Funk Int- "We gotta main event here in "E C Dubbya".

Tag Team Title Match: Suicide Blondes vs. Super Destroyers

Paul E Dangerously/Eddie Gilbert Segment

Rockin Rebel vs. Larry Winters

Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Terry Funk- Match ends in an all out brawl with weapons and guys all over the place. Even Tod Gordon gets

knocked out.



Tod Gordon Interview

Canadian Wolfman vs. Terry Funk

Eddie Gilbert/Paul E Dangerously Segment

Sandman vs. Johnny Hotbody

Eddie Gilbert Segment



Tod Gordon Interview

JT Smith vs. Dark Patriot

JT Smith and Glen Osbourne vs. Dark Patriot and Eddie Gilbert

Tod Gordon/Eddie Gilbert Interview

Japan Highlights

Tommy Cairo vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka



Highlights Show, more or less



Headhunters vs. Ivan and Vladimir Koloff- You can see from previous weeks that they added more seats to accompany more fans in the ECW arena.

This is your typical ECW tornado tag match where all 4 guys are in the ring at once.

Don Muraco/Tito Santana Int

Don Muraco vs. Metal Maniac

Sandman and Sal Bellomo vs. Richard Michaels and Tony Stetson

TV Title Match: Stan Hansen vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka



Eddie Gilbert and Dark Patriot vs. JT Smith and Tommy Cairo- Sherri Martel makes her ECW debut.

Shane Douglas/Paul E Dangerously Interview- Shane makes his ECW debut.

Shane Douglas vs. Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

Super Destroyers/Hunter Q Robbins Interview- Robbins claims that the suicide Blondes forfeit the match and then tries to buy his manager spot with

the Destroyers.

Terry Funk vs. Canadian Wolfman

Tito Santana Int, Don Muraco Int

ECW Title Match: Tito Santana vs. Don Muraco- Tito also makes his ECW debut and wins the ECW Title.



Koloffs Int, Sandman/Sal Bellomo Int

Ivan and Vladimir Koloff vs. Sandman and Sal Bellomo

Peaches/Tigra/Angel/Hunter Q RObbins/Freddie Gilbert/Sherri Martel Int

Eddie Gilbert and Dark Patriot vs. Super Destroyers

Headhunters vs. Miquel Perez and Mr. Danger

Tito Santana and Stan Hansen vs. Shane Douglas and Don Muraco- The top rope of the ring breaks at the end when Hansen sends Muraco into the ropes.



Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal vs. Stan Hansen

Stan Hansen Int

Eddie Gilbert and Dark Patriot vs. Super Destroyers

Sherri/Sal Bellomo/Hunter Q Robbins Segment

Mr. Motagi vs. JT Smith

Sandman/Sal Bellomo Int, Eddie Gilbert/Dark Patriot Int

Tag Team Title Match: Dark Patriot and Eddie Gilbert vs. Sandman and Sal Bellomo



Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo

Last Week Highlights

Headhunters vs. Mr. Danger and Miquel Perez



Metal Maniac vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka- Joey Styles announces his first/93 show. He made his debut at the recent supercard, Ultra Clash 93.

Joey Styles Segment- Styles runs down recent and future events for ECW. It's sure nice to have Jay Sulli gone. That guys was like a dorky Clark Kent

but was so nerdy, I don't think he could ever play the part of superman.

Public Enemy Int

Public Enemy vs. Jason Knight and Ian Rotten- PE make their ECW debut and would be Paul Heyman's first creation.

Public Enemy Int, Paul E Dangerously Int



Hunter Q Robbins Int- He is brining in Sabu and then shows various clips of Sabu in Japan.

Woman Video- Nancy Sullivan is coming to ECW.

Tony Stetson vs. Tommy Cairo

Various Highlights

Public Enemy Int, Kevin Sullivan Int



Public Enemy vs. Silver Jet and Gino Caruso

Sabu vs. Tazmanic- Crowd pops for both guys as the ECW takes another curve toward the style we all know.

Sandman vs. Metal Maniac

TV Title, Steel Cage Match: Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Terry Funk- Funk walks away with the title.

Terry Funk Int



Don MUraco, Jimmy Snuka, and Kevin Sullivan vs. Terry Funk, Abdullah The Butcher, and JT Smith

Tommy Dreamer Int- Dreamer makes his first ECW presence.

Sabu/Tazmaniac Highlights, Tod Gordon/Hunter Q Ribbins/Paul Heyman Int

Molly Shane vs. Milaya Hosaka

Bad Breed vs. Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka- Axl and Ian Rotten make their debut as Bad Breed.

Public Enemy Int

Rockin Rebel vs. Don E Allen

ROckin Rebel vs. Chris Michaels

Paul E Dangerously Int



Public Enemy vs. Pat Tanaka vs. Paul Diamond

Jimmy Snuka vs. Chad Austin

Johnny Hotbody and Tony Stetson vs. Sandman and JT Smith- Terry Funk nails Sandman with a chair for the dq.

Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer- Dreamer makes his ECW debut but the crowd isn't buyin him, dispite what Styles is says. They do seem to like Taz though.



Mr. Hughes Int

Bad Breed vs. Don E Allen and Chad Austin

Jason Int

Chris Michaels vs. Rockin Robin- Sal Bellomo returns to go after Rockin Rebel and his mullet.

Last Week Highlights

Paul E Dangerously Int, Tod Gordon Int

Public Enemy/Bad Breed Brawl

Public Enemy Int

Shane Douglas vs. JT Smith



ECW Title Match: Sabu vs. Shane Douglas- Sabu fills in for Sandman and wins the ECW title.

Paul E Dangerously/Tod Gordon Int

Bad Breed vs. Chad Austin and Todd Shaw

Public Enemy Music Video- "Slam" by Onyx.

Sherri/Madusa Interview/Segment

Jason Segment



November 2 Remember preview episode

Int - Sherri Martel & Medusa

Int - Jason Knight

Rockin' Rebel v. Chris Michaels

video - Kevin Sullivan

video recap of the feud between Public Enemy & Pat Takaka & Paul Diamond.

Int - Curtis Heughes

video - Sabu

Int - Terry Funk & Road Warrior Hawk



Public Enemy Music Video- "Slam" by Onyx.

November to Remember Highlights

Public Enemy Int

Sandman vs. Jm Neidhart

Terry Funk Int, Hawk/Jim Neidhart Int, Paul E Dangerously Int



Kevin Sullivan vs. Keith Fury

Sandman and JT Smith vs. Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody

Mr. Hughes vs. Kyle Fury

Various Highlights- One of the problems I had with/93 is that they showed too many highlights of past shows and spent too much time promoting

future shows instead of showing original stuff. You can clearly see that it started here recently and would basically be the way until ECW went out of

buisness 7 years later.

Tommy Cairo vs. Chris Michaels

Jason/Mr. Hughes Music Video- "Ruffneck" by MC Lyte.



Jason/Mr. Hughes Music Video- "Ruffneck" by MC Lyte.

ECW Title Match: Tazmaniac vs. Sabu- Taz picks up a chair and some guy in the front row holds his kid to protect him.

JT Smith, Sandman, and Peaches vs. Tony Stetson, Johnny Hotbody, and Hunter Q Robbins



Mr. Hughes vs. Stormin Mike Norman

Paul E Dangerously Int

Johnny Hotbody vs. JT Smith

Shane Douglas/Woman Interview

Public Enemy Int



Sal Bellomo vs. Don E Allen

JT Smith Int

Tag Team Title Match: Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac vs. Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas- Douglas turns on Dreamer and Dreamer loses his

tag team titles.

Terry Funk Interview

Sandman vs. Tony Stetson

A Brawl



Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas

Terry Funk/Paul E Dangerously Interview

Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan vs. Mike V and Mike Norman

Public Enemy Segment/Video

Sandman, JT Smith, and Sal Bellomo vs. Terry Funk, Axl, and Ian Rotten- Brawl breaks out to end the show as Sal Bellomo is throwing chairs into

the ring and even fans are handing him the chairs.



Pitbull Gory Wolfe vs. Chad Austin- Chad Austin wins and the crowd loves it. As Gary Wolfe beats on Austin, Sandman comes out to save Austin but

the crowd is booing and then chants "Sandman sucks!"

Jason Int

Mike Awesome Clips- Awesome has come to ECW.

Rockin Rebel vs. Don E Allen

ECW Title Match: Terry Funk vs. Sabu- From Holiday Hell where Funk wins the ECW title. From what I have seen.



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