Houston, TX  10/19/86  2 Disks

1.        Jim Brunzell v. Mike Rotundo

2.        Nikolai Volkoff pinned Tama with his feet on the ropes at 5:52

3.        WWF Tag Team Champion the Dynamite Kid pinned Moondog Rex at 8:15 with a crucifix cradle

4.        Brutus Beefcake pinned SD Jones at 5:35 with a running kneelift

5.        Greg Valentine pinned Steve Gatorwolf at 8:30 with a suplex

6.        WWF Tag Team Champion Davey Boy Smith defeated the Iron Sheik (w/ Nikolai Volkoff) via disqualification at 6:04

7.        Bret Hart pinned Raymond Rougeau at 8:34 with a reverse roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage

8.        WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff


HOUSTON 11/86 [24/7]

1.        Danny Spivey v. Moondog Spot

2.        Butch Reed v. Jay Strongbow

3.        Jake Roberts v. Tito Santana

4.        Dick Slater v. Dino Bravo

5.        British Bulldogs v. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik

6.        Mike Rotundo v. Moondog Rex

7.        Randy Savage v. JYD


Landy’s WWF House shows: Houston 5/15/87 

1.        Local Promos

2.         Young Stallions vs. The Shadows

3.         Fabulous Moolah (Ladies Champ) vs. Angie Minelli

4.         Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Sam Houston

5.         Ted DiBiase announces he’s signed with The WWF

6.         DiBiase confrontation with One Man Gang and Slick

7.         Hacksaw Duggan vs. Nikolai Volkoff

8.         Rick Steamboat (WWF IC Champ) vs. Randy Savage.


-HOUSTON 8/26/87 [24/7] 1HR 51MIN


1.         Sam Houston v. Steve Lombardi

2.         Hercules Hernandez v. Bruno Sammartiino

3.         Brutus Beefcake v. Johnny V.

4.         Ted DiBiase promises a kid $400.00 to sing “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.  The Kid doesn’t sing it to Ted’s satisfaction and
refuses to pay him.

5.         Mark Lewin v. Tom Prichard

6.         Hulk Hogan v. One Man Gang

7.         Fabulous Moolah v. Sherri Martel

8.         Int – Johnny Valiant, who after going around the country losing haircut matches to Brutus Beefcake, finally has all of his hair
all shaved off.

9.         Tony Atlas & JYD v. Sika & Kamala (Atlas had been wrestling in Puerto Rico as “TheBlack Superman” and returned to
the WWF for this match wearing his Superman outfit.  Atlas and JYD are accompanied to the ring by “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd.)

10.      Ted DiBiase v. Jim Duggan

11.      Demolition v. Tito Santana & Mil Mascaras


HOUSTON 10/9/87 [24/7]

1.        Barry Horowitz v. Sam Houston

2.        Demolition v. Killer Bees (2/3 falls)

3.        Bam Bam Bigelow v. Nikolai Volkoff

4.        Boris Zhukov v. SD Jones

5.        Randy Savage v. Killer Kahn

6.        Honkytonk Man v. Hillbilly Jim

7.        Brutus Beefcake v. Greg Valentine

8.        Hulk Hogan v. Ted DiBiase


-HOUSTON 11/6/87 [24/7] 2HRS

1.         Dan Spivey v. Sam Houston

2.         Scott Casey v. Barry Horowitz

3.         Superstar Billy Graham v. Butch Reed

4.         British Bulldogs v. Hart Foundation

5.         Don Muraco v. Sika

6.         Paul Orndorff v. Rick Rude

7.         Int – Paul Orndorff

8.         Ultimate Warrior v. Rip Oliver

9.         Int – Rick Rude

10.      Harley Race v. Jim Duggan

11.      Strike Force v. The Islanders

12.      Int – Hart Foundation

13.      Koko B. Ware v. Danny Davis

14.      Int – Strike Force

15.      Randy Savage v. Honkytonk Man


HOUSTON 12/10/87

1.        Sam Houston v. Dale Wolfe

2.        JYD v. Hercules

3.        Demolition v. Billy Jack Haynes & Brady Boone

4.        Paul Orndorff v. Rick Rude

5.        Brutus Beefcake v. One Man Gang

6.        Hart Foundation v. Strike Force

7.        Ultimate Warrior v. Iron Mike Sharpe

8.        Ricky Steamboat v. Ron Bass

9.        Greg Valentine v. Kenny Johnson

10.     Hulk Hogan v. Ted DiBiase




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