1.        Robbie Eagle pinned Rip Rogers.

2.        The Mongolian Stomper beat Rob Morgan via sleeperhold.

3.        Tim Horner beat The Nightstalker via DQ.

4.        Brian Lee pinned Kevin Sullivan in a "Singapore spike" match.

5.        Tracey Smothers beat The Dirty White Boy in a "chain" match to win the SMW Title.

6.        The Heavenly Bodies (Eaton, Lane, & Pritchard) beat The Rock-n-Roll Express & Arn Anderson and Dutch Mantel,
Jimmy Golden, & Robert Fuller in a "triangular street fight" match.



Taped with a handheld camera

1.        Boo Bradley beat Killer Kyle in a "falls count anywhere" match.

2.        Steve Armstrong beat Buddy Landel via DQ.

3.        NWA World Champ Dan Severn beat Bobby Blaze.

4.        Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy beat The Gangstas in a "street fight" match.

5.        Al Snow & Unabom beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "steel cage" match. Guests: Swede Hanson, Abe Jacobs, Magnum TA,
Nelson Royal, Johnny Weaver, and Tim Woods.



1.      The Power Ranger defeated D-Lo Brown

2.      Tracy Smothers defeated Bryant Anderson in a I Quit Match

3.      Buddy Landel defeated Dirty White Boy (c) by DQ in a SMW Heavyweight Championship Match

4.      Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers defeated Boo Bradley & Chris Candido

5.      The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated The Gangstas
(Mustapha Saed & New Jack) (c) to win the SMW Tag Team Championship



1.        Danny Davis beat Joe Cazana.

2.        Dutch Mantel beat Hector Guerrero.

3.        Killer Kyle beat Dixie Dynamite.

4.        Tim Horner beat Buddy Landell in an "I quit" match.

5.        Ron Garvin beat Paul Orndorff in a "piledriver" match.

6.        The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden when Gibson pinned Golden.

7.        The Dirty White Boy pinned Brian Lee to win the SMW Title.

8.        The Fantastics (The Fultons) beat The Heavenly Bodies (Lane & Pritchard) when Jackie pinned Pritchard in a "barbed wire
cage" match to win the SMW Tag Title.



1.        Jimmy Del Rey pinned Steve Armstrong (5:05).

2.        The Dirty White Boy DDQ The Mongolian Stomper (5:10).

3.        The Big Boss Man pinned Kevin Sullivan (8:56).

4.        Chris Candido beat Tim Horner (16:30) via DQ in a "loser sucks a baby bottle" match.

5.        SMW Champ Brian Lee pinned Tracey Smothers (20:02) in a "coal miner's glove" match.

6.        The Rock-n-Roll Express, Bob, Steve & Scott Armstrong beat The Heavenly Bodies (Del Rey & Pritchard), The Bruise
Brothers, & Jim Cornette (21:21) in a "rage in a cage" match when Bob forced Cornette to submit.



FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN 1994 – 8/6/94

1.       Doug Furnas pinned Bob Orton, Jr. (19:28).

2.       SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy pinned Dick Slater.

3.       Lance Storm & Tracy Smothers beat The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) when Storm pinned Pritchard.

4.       Brian Lee & Chris Candido beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "hair (Morton) vs. hair (Tammy Fytch)" match to win the SMW Tag

Title when Candido pinned Morton. Rather than shave Morton’s hair, they tried to shave Candido’s.

5.       Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers, & Road Warrior Hawk beat Bruiser Bedlam, Terry & Dory Funk, Jr. after six falls in a "Texas death"

match when Terry couldn't answer the ten count.




1.        Chris Walker pinned Richard Slinger.

2.        Doug Furnas pinned Killer Kyle.

3.        Bob Orton, Jr. & Dick Slater DDQ The Mongolian Stomper & Ronnie Garvin.

4.        The Rock-n-Roll Express beat Chris Candido & Brian Lee to win the SMW Tag Title when Morton pinned Lee.

5.        Legends Introduction and Awards: Bob Armstrong, Sam Bass (posthumous), Whitey Caldwell
(posthumous), John Cazana (posthumous), Corsica Joe, Jack Donovan, Doug Furnas, Ronnie Garvin,
Rick Gibson, Al Greene, Don Greene, Jim Hess, Phil Hickerson, Sara Lee, Boris Malenko (not in
attendance), Mac McMurray, The Mongolian Stomper, Frank Morell, Bob Orton Jr, Bob Polk, Phil
Raney, Nelson Royal, Dick Slater, Les Thatcher, Tommy Weathers, Ron West, Jim White, Billy
Wicks, Don Wright, and Ron Wright.

6.        Chris Jericho & Lance Storm beat The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) in a "street fight"
match when Jericho pinned Del Rey.

7.        SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy beat Terry Gordy via DQ.

8.        Bob Armstrong, Tracey Smothers, & Road Warrior Hawk beat Bruiser Bedlam, Terry & Dory Funk Jr.
in a "coward waves the flag" match when Cornette waved his team's flag.



1.      Bobby Blaze defeated Brian Logan

2.      The Gangstas (Mustapha Saed & New Jack) defeated Scott Armstrong & Tracy Smothers

3.      The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (c) defeated Al Snow & Unabomb by DQ to
retain the SMW Tag Team Championship

4.      Boo Bradley defeated Chris Candido in a Loser Leaves Town Dog Collar Chain Match

5.      Bobby Blaze defeated Jerry Lawler (c) to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship

6.      Bobby Blaze (c) defeated Buddy Landel to retain the SMW Heavyweight Championship

Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy del Ray & Tom Prichard) defeated D-Lo Brown & The Gangstas (Mustapha Saed & New Jack) in a Six Man Tag Team Match (Special Referee: Bob Armstrong)




1.      Brian Armstrong defeats D-Lo Brown (8:27)

2.      The Head Bangers (Mosh & Thrasher) defeat Chris Michaels & Flash Flanagan (11:38)

3.      PG-13 (JC Ice & Wolfie D) (c) defeat Curtis Thompson & Jackie Fulton (13:07)

4.      The Punisher defeats Bob Armstrong (3:38)

5.      Al Snow defeats Marty Jannetty (c) (28:35) MTW Heavyweight Title Match

6.      Dan Severn (c) defeats Bobby Blaze (4:04)  NWA World Heavyweight Title Match

7.      The Militia (Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich) defeat Boo Bradley & The Mongolian Stomper (10:57)

8.      Brad Armstrong defeats Billy Jack Haynes (c) (9:38) - USWA Heavyweight Title Match

9.      The Undertaker defeats Unabomb (14:46)

10.  The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy del Ray & Tom Prichard) defeat The THUGs (Dirty White Boy & Tracy Smothers) (c) (21:19) - SMW Tag Team Title Match

11.  Shawn Michaels (c) defeats Buddy Landel (w/Jim Cornette) (13:44)  WWF Intercontinental Title Match




1.        The Nightstalker pinned Robbie Eagle.

2.        Tracey Smothers pinned Dutch Mantel.

3.        Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden beat Bobby Fulton & Dixie Dynamite when Golden pinned Fulton.

4.        Ronnie Garvin & Danny Davis beat Paul Orndorff via DQ in a "handicap" match.

5.        SMW Champ The Dirty White Boy beat Tim Horner in a "lumberjack" match.

6.        The Mongolian Stomper beat Kevin Sullivan via DQ.

7.        Tracey Smothers won a "battle royal."

8.        The Rock-n-Roll Express beat the Heavenly Bodies (Lane & Pritchard) in a "street fight" match to win the SMW Tag Title.



1.        Bobby Blaze pinned Chris Candido (17:15) in a "loser is tarred and feathered" match.

2.        Prince Kharis beat Tim Horner (8:37) via sleeperhold.

3.        The Bullet beat Kevin Sullivan (3:18) in a "first blood" match.

4.        The Rock-n-Roll Express NC The Moondogs (8:22).

5.        SMW Champ Brian Lee beat The Dirty White Boy (10:43) via DQ.

6.        The Bruise Brothers beat The Heavenly Bodies (Del Rey & Pritchard) (14:40) in a "street fight" match.


Thanksgiving Thunder 11/25/1994

November 25, 1994 in Paintsville, KY

Paintsville High School drawing 950

1.      Lance Storm beat D-Lo Brown.

2.      Bryant Anderson beat Tracy Smothers.

3.      The Dirty White Boy & Ron Wright beat Bruiser Bedlam & Jim Cornette when Wright pinned Cornette.

4.      Brian Lee & Cactus Jack DCO Chris Candido & Boo Bradley.

5.      Bob Armstrong pinned Bob Orton, Jr.

6.      SMW Tag Champs The Gangstas beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "ghetto street fight" match.

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 Thanksgiving Thunder 11/26/1994

November 26, 1994 in Johnson City, TN

Freedom Hall drawing 1,250

1.      Lance Storm pinned D-Lo Brown (12:19).

2.      Bryant Anderson pinned Tracy Smothers (16:33).

3.      The Dirty White Boy & Ron Wright beat Bruiser Bedlam & Jim Cornette (19:05) when Wright pinned Cornette.

4.      Brian Lee & Cactus Jack DCO Chris Candido & Boo Bradley (16:00).

5.      Bob Armstrong pinned Bob Orton, Jr. (9:16).

6.      SMW Tag Champs The Gangstas beat The Rock-n-Roll Express (6:58) in a "ghetto street fight" match when New Jack pinned Morton.




1.        Joey Maggs & Hector Guerrero beat Rip Rogers & Barry Horowitz (11:00) when Guerrero pinned Horowitz.

2.        The Dirty White Boy pinned Dixie Dynamite (7:00).

3.        Brian Lee pinned Buddy Landell (7:00).

4.        Paul Orndorff pinned Tim Horner (18:00).

5.        Robert Gibson pinned Jimmy Golden (8:00).

6.        Brian Lee pinned The Dirty White Boy (11:00).

7.        Paul Orndorff pinned Robert Gibson (11:00).

8.        SMW Tag Champs The Heavenly Bodies (Lane & Pritchard) beat Davey & Johnny Rich (13:00) when Lane pinned Johnny.

9.        Brian Lee beat Paul Orndorff (10:00) via DQ to win the first SMW Title.


Volunteer Slam III - 1994

May 20, 1994 in Knoxville, TN

Civic Coliseum drawing 2,000 ($15,000)

1.      Tracy Smothers pinned Kendo the Samurai (Horner).

2.      Chris Jericho & Lance Storm beat Well Dunn when Storm pinned Dunn.

3.      SMW Tag Champs Brian Lee & Chris Candido beat The Rock-n-Roll Express in a "no DQ no time limit"
match when Candido pinned Morton.

4.      Bruiser Bedlam pinned Randy Savage.

5.      SMW Champ Jake Roberts NC The Dirty White Boy.



Taped with a handheld camera

1.        Bobby Blaze pinned D-Lo Brown.

2.        Robert Gibson pinned Unabom in a "falls count anywhere" match.

3.        Steve Armstrong beat SMW Champ Buddy Landell via DQ.

4.        Boo Bradley pinned Killer Kyle in a "dog collar" match.

5.        USWA Tag Champs PG-13 beat Tracey Smothers & The Dirty White Boy via DQ.

6.        Bob Armstrong & Terry Funk beat The Gangstas in a "Texas death" match when New Jack couldn't answer the bell.





1.           Robert Gibson v. Killer Kyle

2.           Int – Bob Armstrong

3.           Prime Time Brian Lee v. Barry Horowitz

4.           Tim Horner v. Joe Cazana

5.        Int – Jim Cornette rants on the state of pro wrestling today with several  shots at the WWF and tells the crowd about the
coming of a new tag team that will turn the sport on its ear.  He’s referring to the the Heavenly Bodies, but hasn’t named
them yet.

6.           Black Scorpion v. Paul Miller

7.           Int – Brian Lee. 

8.           Ivan Koloff v. Bobby Fulton (Vladimir Koloff runs in and attacks Fulton.  Jackie runs in to make the save)

9.           Int – Commissioner Bob Armstrong signs a match between Bobby & Jackie Fulton v. The Volkoffs for next week.




1.           “Hollywood” Bob Holly v. Tim Frye

2.           Int – Ivan & Vladimir Koloff

3.           Paul Orndorff v. Rip Rogers

4.           Int – Tim Horner

5.           Int – Brian Lee

6.           Scott Armstrong v. Dutch Mantell

7.           Int – Bob Armstrong

8.           Int – Jim Cornette does another promo hyping up his upcoming tag team.

9.           Ivan & Vladimir Koloff v. The Fantastics

10.        Int – Terry Gordy

11.        Int – Tim Horner


12.        "Hollywood" Bob Holly vs. Pat Rose

13.        Bobby Fulton promo

14.        Ivan Koloff/Jimmy Golden promo

15.        Rip Rogers vs. Joey Maggs

16.        Robert Gibson/Brian Lee/Tim Horner promo

17.        Robert Gibson vs. The Mighty Yankee

18.        Jim Cornette promo

19.        clip: Dutch Mantell vs. Scott Armstrong

20.        Dutch Mantell/Mr. Ron Wright promo

21.        Tim Horner vs. Barry Horowitz

22.        Tim Horner interview

23.        Buddy Landel promo

24.        Dirty Dutch Mantell vs. Brian Lee

25.        Mr. Ron Wright promo

26.        "Hollywood" Bob Holly/Jim Cornette promo

27.        Brian Lee interview




1.         Hector Guerrero vs. Tommy Angel

2.         Ivan Koloff/Jimmy Golden interview

3.         Dutch Mantell interview - he introduces Carl Styles as his henchman

4.         Mr. Ron Wright promo

5.         Killer Kyle vs. Rikki Nelson

6.         Tim Horner receives an award for volunteering with local area kids

7.         Hollywood Holly promo

8.         Brian Lee vs. Brad Anderson

9.         impromptu match/brawl between Brian Lee and Carl Styles

10.      The Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) vs. Ivan Koloff/Jimmy Golden

11.      Golden/Koloff interview - brawl with Fulton ensues


12.      "Nitro" Danny Davis vs. Barry Horowitz

13.      Jimmy Golden promo

14.      Fantastics promo

15.      Bob Armstrong promo

16.      Ron Wright promo

17.      Hollywood Holly vs. Tommy Angel

18.      Paul Orndorff interview

19.      Brian Lee promo

20.      Carl Styles vs. Reno Riggins

21.      Jim Cornette promo

22.      Jimmy Golden vs. Robert Gibson

23.      Bob Armstrong/Robert Gibson/Brian Lee interview




1.         Dutch Mantell/Rip Rogers promo - Rogers announces he'll do Hindu squats on a chair for the next hour straight

2.         Hollywood Holly vs. Joey Maggs

3.         Tim Horner interview - he's interrupted by Rip Rogers while he's doing his squats

4.         -Horner bets Rogers $500 he can't do squats for the entire hour

5.         Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Tommy Angel

6.         Terry Gordy interview

7.         Bob Armstrong promo - he bans Mr. Ron Wright from ringside

8.         Paul Orndorff interview

9.         Paul Orndorff vs. Barry Horowitz

10.      Jim Cornette interview

11.      Dutch Mantell interview

12.      Brian Lee vs. Carl Styles

13.      Danny Davis interview

14.      Bob Armstrong interview

15.      Jim Cornette interview

16.      Tim Horner kicks out Rip Rogers' chair at the 59:30 mark, Rogers falls down (kind of funny)  


17.      Hector Guerrero vs. T.J. Travis
18.      Danny Davis promo
19.      The Fantastics promo
20.      Jimmy Golden/Ivan Koloff/Vladimir Koloff vs. Ben Jordan/Reno Riggins/Rocky Patterson
21.      Jimmy Golden/Ivan & Vladimir Koloff interview
22.      Jim Cornette interview
23.      Terry Gordy interview
24.      Ron Wright interview
25.      Dirty White Boy vs. Rikki Nelson
26.      Ron Wright/Dirty White Boy interview
27.      Hollywood Holly promo
28.      Killer Kyle vs. Jerry Lynn
29.      Terry Gordy interview
30.      Rip Rogers promo
31.      Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers 
32.      Cornette says that he’ll bring a video of his new team next week.


1.         Robert Gibson v. Joe Cazana
2.         Bob Armstrong announces the brackets for the SMOKEY Mountain Tag Team Tournament.  Cornette’s mystery team
3.         is listed, but not by name, as Cornette hasn’t revealed who they are yet.
4.         Video – The Wild Bunch (Joel Deaton & Billy Black).  One of the teams competing in the SMW Tag Tournament.
5.         They look pretty good.
6.         Hector Guerrero v. Keith Hart
7.         JIM CORNETTE shows a video to introduce his new team. As Jim arrives at a "Hooters" restaurant in a limo (driven by 
8.         Herd"), his team is mobbed by waitresses.  Cornette is still keeping the team's identity a secret.
9.         Hollywood Bob Holly v. Paul Miller
10.      Johnny & Davey Rich v. The Maulers (Rip Morgan & Jack Victory) This was a first round match in the tag tournament.
11.      Tommy Rogers & Bobby & Jackie Fulton (All of the Fantastics) vs Jimmy Golden & The Wild Bunch (Good Brawl. )
12.      Dirty White Boy vs. Joey Maggs
13.      Jimmy Golden vs. Tommy Angel
14.      Brian Lee vs. Joe Cazana
15.      Wild Bunch vs. New Fantastics (1st Round Tag Tourney)
16.      Interviews w/Bob Armstrong, Tim Horner, Bob Holly, Robert Gibson, Jim Cornette, Jimmy Golden, Dutch Mantell & 
17.      The Maulers (Victory & Morgan) 



1.         Dixie Dy-no-mite (Debut) vs. Barry Horowitz

2.         Tim Horner vs. T.J. Travis

3.         Killer Kyle vs. Keith HartDirty White Boy vs. Paul Miller

4.         Dutch Mantell vs. Brian Lee

5.         Interviews w/ Bob Armstrong, Jim Cornette Tag Team Promo, Ron Wright & Dirty White Boy


6.         Bob Holly vs. Ben Jordan

7.         Ivan & Vladimir Koloff vs. Joey Maggs & Danny Davis (1st Round Tag Tourney)

8.         Hector Guerrero vs. Paul Orndorff (Orndorff goes Piledriver crazy, nailing 4 different guys before picking Guerrero

9.         back up and piledriving him ON A CHAIR!)

10.      Heavenly Bodies vs. Brad & Bart Batten (1st Round Tag Tourney – Stan Lane and Tom Pritchard debut as

11.      the Heavenly Bodies)

12.      Interviews w/Koloff's, Bob Armstrong, New Fantastics, Brian Lee, Ron Wright, Hector Guerrero, Dixie Dynamite, Paul

13.      Orndorff, Buddy Landell, Jim Cornette & Heavenly Bodies




1.         Robert Gibson vs. Rip Rogers

2.         Recap of Paul Orndorff turning heel

3.         Paul Orndorff vs. Davey Rich

4.         Buddy Landell (Debut) vs. Reno Riggins

5.         Dixie Dy-no-mite (Scott Armstrong) vs. Carl Styles

6.         Interviews w/Hector Guerrero, Paul Orndorff, Buddy Landell, New Fantastics & Brian Lee

7.         JIM CORNETTE again tries to show a video of his new team, only to be thwarted by lingerie throwing women in a hotel room.

8.         BRIAN LEE vs DUTCH MANTELL. Lee puts up his spot in the SMW tournament for a match with Dutch. 
9.         INTERVIEW WITH PAUL ORNDORFF, Hector Guerrero and Dixie Dynamite, all wildcards in the SMW tournament. Orndorff whines about 
10.      being a wildcard, claiming wins over Flair, Hogan, etc. Hector takes offense, leads to...
11.      PAUL ORNDORFF vs HECTOR GUERRERO. Orndorff turns hardcore heel, piledriving Guerrero and other babyfaces, leaving them laying in the ring.
12.      CORNETTE FINALLY PRESENTS HIS TEAM! "The Heavenly Bodies", who are Stan Lane  and Tom Prichard, wrestle Brad & Bart Batten
13.      THE HEAVENLY BODIES (Lane & Prichard) vs DANNY DAVIS & JOEY MAGGS. 
15.      THE HEAVENLY BODIES vs THE FANTASTICS in the finals of the SMW tag tournament. Before the match, Cornette does a scathing anti-Fulton interview. Bob Caudle spent the rest of the show apologizing for this!


16.      Bob Holly vs. Bart Batten

17.      Jimmy Golden vs. Davey Rich

18.      Brian Lee vs. Joe Cazana

19.      Brian Lee/Buddy Lee Confrontation

20.      Killer Kyle vs. Reno Riggins

21.      Heavenly Bodies vs. Joey Maggs & Danny Davis (Semi Finals of Tag Tourney)

22.      Interviews w/Bob Armstrong, Paul Orndorff, The Batten Twins, New Fantastics, Brian Lee, Jimmy Golden, Heavenly Bodies & Tim Horner

23.      Tag Team Title Tournament Highlights of matches from previous shows

24.      New Fantastics vs. Maulers (Victory & Morgan) (Semi Finals of Tag Tourney)

25.      Interviews w/Heavenly Bodies & Fantastics




1.         Barry Horowitz v. Robert Gibson

2.         (SMW Tag Title Finals) Heavenly Bodies vs. Fantastics (The Bodies win the title and injure Jackie Fulton in the process.)

3.         Doug Furnas v. Joe Cazana

4.         Dirty White Boy v. Ben Jordan

5.         Buddy Landell vs. Danny Davis 

6.         Heavenly Bodies Interview


7.         The Volunteer Slam preview special where many of the wrestlers and angles leading up to SMW’s first big show are

8.         previewed.  Virtually verything on this episode has aired previously.

9.         Dixie Dynamite v. Carl Styles

10.      Dirty Whiteboy v. Joey Maggs

11.      Buddy Landell v. Danny Davis

12.      Music Video – Brian Lee

13.      Robert Gibson v. Joe Cazana

14.      Jimmy Golden v. ???

15.      Paul Orndorff v. Hector Guerrero

16.      Tim Horner v. Joe Cazana




1.         Recap of Jackie Fulton Injury

2.         18 Man Royal Rumble w/ Dixie Dynamite, Rip Rogers, Tom Prichard, Ben Jordan, Joey Maggs, Stan Lane, Dirty White Boy,

3.         Robert Gibson, Buddy Landell, Brian Lee, Jimmy Golden, Joe Cazana, Doug Furnas, Paul Orndorff, Tim Horner, Barry

4.         Horowitz & Danny Davis

5.         Interviews w/DWB, Golden, Horner, Landell, Bodies, Lee, Dynamite, Davis , Rogers ,Furnas & Bob Armstrong


6.         Recap of 1st Round & Semi Finals of SMW Heavyweight Title Tournament

7.         (SMW Heavyweight Title Finals) Brian Lee vs. Paul Orndorff (IP, Title Change)

8.         Tag Champs Heavenly Bodies vs. Johnny & Davey Rich (IP)

9.         Tim Horner vs. Buddy Landell

10.      Interviews w/DWB & Buddy Landell




1.        SMW Heavyweight Champ Brian Lee vs. Barry Horowitz

2.        Dirty White Boy vs. Tommy Angel

3.        Brad & Bart Batten vs. Joe Cazana & Scott Sandlin

4.        Jimmy Golden vs. Ben Jordan

5.        Dixie Dy-no-mite vs. Paul Orndorff


6.        Robert Gibson v. Paul Lee

7.        Killer Kyle v. Tommy Angel

8.        Scott Sandlin & Joe Cazana

9.        Down & Dirty – Dutch Mantel interviews Barry Horowitz

10.     Heavenly Bodies v. Ben Jordan & Joe Maggs

11.     Brian Lee v. Rip Rogers (But the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright pays Rogers to leave, making the match…..)

12.     Brian Lee v. Dirty White Boy (Despite buying himself a title shot, DWB fails to win the SMW title.  Paul Orndorff

         runs in and helps DWB beat up Lee.)





1.         Danny Davis v. Rip Rogers

2.         Buddy Landell v. Joey Maggs

3.         Int – Heavenly Bodies

4.         Dixie Dynamite v. Paul Lee

5.         Down & Dirty – Dutch Mantell interviews Paul Orndorff

6.         Heavenly Bodies v. Robert Gibson & Tim Horner

7.         Int – Gibson & Horner

8.         Int – Heavenly Bodies


9.         Dixie Dynamite v. Joe Cazana

10.      Int – Brian Lee (Footage is shown of Lee getting repeatedly attacked by DWB and Orndorff, and promises to bring
in RUGGED RONNIE GARVIN to watch his back.)

11.      Promo – Ron Garvin

12.      Footage is shown of the Heavenly Bodies brawling with the Fantastics in the back after a match.  WILD BRAWL that
spills out of the building AND INTO THE PARKING LOT! 

13.      Bob Armstrong announces that the Bodies and the Fantastics will wrestle in an upcoming SMOKEY Mountain Street Fight!

14.      Down & Dirty – Dutch Mantell interviews the Heavenly Bodies

15.      Int – Tim Horner

16.      Danny Davis v. Paul Lee

17.      Int – Buddy Landell

18.      Brian Lee v. Buddy Landell




1.         Paul Orndorff v. Gary Scott

2.         Int – Heavenly Bodies

3.         Int – Tim Horner

4.         Tim Horner v. Joe Cazana (Buddy Landell attacks Horner after the match.)

5.         Int DWB

6.         Int – Heavenly Bodies

7.         Robert Gibson v. Jimmy Golden

8.         Robert Gibson v. Rick Cannon

9.         Down & Dirty – Dutch Mantell interviews Buddy Landell.  But not for long, as Tim Horner runs him off.

10.      Brian Lee v. Paul Lee

11.      Int – Brian Lee.  Lee talks some more about bringing in Ron Garvin.  Footage is shown of Garvin winning the NWA
World Heavyweight Title from Ric Flair in 1987

12.      Int – DWB & Paul Orndorff.  Both men badmouth Brian Lee & Ron Garvin

13.      Int – The Fantastics

14.      Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis v. Bart & Brad Batten  (The Fantastics & The Heavenly Bodies must have started
brawling again in the back, as they fight their way down to ringside and INTO THE RING!  They’re still fighting
as the show goes off the air.)


15.      Danny Davis vs. Killer Kyle

16.      Recap of Heavenly Bodies/New Fantastics Brawl

17.      Ron Garvin Video (!970's footage against Andre the Giant & others)

18.      Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff vs. Bart Batten & Brian Lee

19.      Jimmy Golden vs. Robert Gibson (Robert Fuller debuts in SMW as he runs in and attacks Gibson)

20.      SMW Tag Champs Heavenly Bodies vs. Rick Cannon & Joey Maggs (The Bodies attack Maggs after the match and
The Fantastics run in to make the save. And an impromptu match begins as the cameras go off the air.)





1.           Tag Champs Heavenly Bodies v. with the New Fantastics (This is the continuation of the match that started as the show

2.           went off the air last week.)

3.           Contract Signing Bodies/Fantastics Rematch (Bob Armstrong is guest ref.)

4.           Robert Gibson vs. Jimmy Golden

5.           Tim Horner vs. Gary Scott

6.           Killer Kyle vs. Dixie Dy-no-mite (Scott Armstrong)


7.           New Fantastics vs. Joe Cazana & Gary Scott

8.           Int - Fantastics

9.           Footage shown of Robert Gibson being attacked by Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller

10.        Int – Ricky Morton announces his return to action as he will rejoin his partner to reform the Rock & Roll Express!

11.        Int – The Stud Stable (Fuller & Golden)

12.        Dirty White Boy & Paul Orndorff vs. Ron Garvin & Brian Lee (IP)

13.        Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantel.  Dutch interviews the Dirty White Boy

14.        SMW Heavyweight Champ Brian Lee vs. Storm Trooper

15.        Tim Horner vs. Paul Lee

16.        Tag Champs Heavenly Bodies vs. Hector Guerrero & Ben Jordan

17.        Int – Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies




1.         Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden v. Ben Jordan & Richie Dye

2.         Promo – Ricky Morton regarding his upcoming return to SMW and his old partner Robert Gibson

3.         Int – Ron Garvin comments on Paul Orndorff and their upcoming Piledriver v. Piledriver match.

4.         Int – Tim Horner, who has challenged Buddy Landell to an I-Quit match.

5.         Footage of the aftermath of the Dixie Dynomite & Killer Kyle match as Kyle beat the hell out of Dixie.  Dixie

6.         challenges Kyle to a taped fist match.

7.         Dixie Dynamite v. Storm Trooper (Killer Kyle attacks Dixie after the match)

8.         Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell – Dutch interviews the Stud Stable

9.         Footage of the Heavenly Bodies v. Fantastics Feud is shown.

10.      Int – Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette

11.      Brian Lee v. Gary Scott


12.      Hector Guerrero vs. Paul Lee

13.      Killer Kyle/Dixie Dynamite feud Recap

14.      Paul Orndorff vs. Jobber

15.      Tag Champs Heavenly Bodies vs. New Fantastics vs. Jimmy Golden & Rob Fuller vs. Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis




1.         Tim Horner vs. Mike Sampson

2.         Heavenly Bodies vs. Danny Davis & Tommy Angel

3.         Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Buddy Landell & Paul LeeBrian Lee vs. Robbie Eagle (Mongolian Mauler runs in)

4.         Paul Orndorff vs. Ron Garvin


5.         SMW Tag Champs Fantastics vs. Buddy Landell & Paul Lee

6.         Clips of Mongolian Mauler attacking Brian Lee

7.         Killer Kyle vs. Tommy Angel (Dixie Dynamite runs in)

8.         SMW Heavyweight Champ Dirty White Boy vs. Danny Davis

9.         Rock 'n' Roll Express vs./ Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller

10.      Interviews w/ Garvin, R'n'Rs, DWB, Fantastics, Bodies, Cornette & Kyle, Golden & Fuller





1.         SMW Tag Champs Fantastics vs. Buddy Landell & Paul Lee

2.         Clips of Mongolian Mauler attacking Brian Lee

3.         Killer Kyle vs. Tommy Angel (Dixie Dynamite runs in)

4.         SMW Heavyweight Champ Dirty White Boy vs. Danny Davis

5.         Rock 'n' Roll Express vs./ Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller

6.         Interviews w/ Garvin, R'n'Rs, DWB, Fantastics, Bodies, Cornette & Kyle, Golden & Fuller


7.         Tim Horner v. Robbie Eagle

8.         Footage of the Barbed Wire Cage match between the Fantastics & the Heavenly Bodies at Fire on the Mountain
Contract signing with the Heavenly Bodies and the Fantastics, as Jim Cornette demands a rematch for the SMW tag
titles.  Jim Cornette demands that the match is a no time limit, no DQ match, and Jim Cornette is not allowed to bring
his tennis raquet to the ring.

9.         Fantastics v. The Heavenly Bodies (In a no DQ match, the Bodies regain the tag titles)

10.      Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantel – Dutch interviews Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies.

11.      Int – Paul Orndorff

12.      Brian Lee v. Dirty White Boy (Texas Death Match from the Knoxville Civic Coliseum.  During the match, Lee
is attacked by an unknown wrestler.)

13.      Int – Brian Lee & Bob Armstrong.  Armstrong reads a letter from someone mentioning that he sent the wrestler from the previous match to attack

14.      Lee.  Rock & Roll Express v. Stud Stable (from last week)

15.      Int – Rock & Roll Express

16.      Stud Stable v. Bart & Brad Batten




1.         Dutch Mantel displays a wanted poster with Brian Lee’s face on it.  It seems that someone is putting $10,000 on the
head of Brian Lee.

2.         Paul Orndorff v. Ben Jordan

3.         Int – Paul Orndorff

4.         Heavenly Bodies v. Fantastics (JIP from match #10)

5.         int – Fantastics – They just signed for a rematch with the Heavenly Bodies, with Jim Cornette handcuffed to Bob Armstrong.

6.         Int – Heavenly Bodies

7.         Int – Jim Cornette

8.         Int – Stud Stable, re:  Their upcoming cage match with the Rock & Roll Express

9.         Tim Horner v. Joe Cazana

10.      Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantel – Dutch interviews Bob Armstrong and Brian Lee regarding those wanted posters.
They still don’t know who has put that bounty on Lee, but he’s promising that he’ll take Lee out.  Armstrong promises
That he’ll ban anyone from SMOKEY Mountain Wrestling forever if he finds out that the mastermind behind all of this
Currently works for SMW.

11.      DWB has recently been accused of dodging opponents in order to keep his SMW title, and offers to pull names out of a
hat to prove that he’s a fighting champion and not handpicking his challengers.  DWB gets a hat and the name he drew out
was Newton Steffy (one of the SMW jobbers).  But the look on DWB’s face makes it appear that he actually drew someone
else’s name.

12.      Dirty White Boy v. Newton Steffy (During the match, announcer Bob Caudle finds the paper that DWB drew out of
the hat, and reveals that the REAL name that was drawn was TIM HORNER!)

13.      Tim Horner comes to the ring after the match, and challenges DWB.  DWB says that if Horner can beat him in a non-title
match, he can have a title shot.

14.      The Stud Stable v. Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis (Fuller & Golden bring a stretcher to the ring)

15.      Int – Stud Stable, who bad mouth the Rock & Roll Express regarding their upcoming Stretcher match.


16.      Stud Stable v. Rick Newsome & Ben Jordan (The Stud Stable are still bringing their stretcher to the ring.)

17.      Ron Garvin v. Paul Orndorff (From Kingsport TN.  Orndorff chokes Garvin with his own towel)

18.      Int - Ron Garvin

19.      Int – Paul Orndorff

20.      Int – Tim Horner

21.      Int – Dirty White Boy

22.      DWB v. Tim Horner (Non-title match.  Horner must defeat DWB in order to get a title shot at DWB’s
SMW Heavyweight title.)

23.      Dutch Mantel interviews Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle

24.      Int – Bob Armstrong

25.      Brian Lee v. Mike Sampson (After the match, Lee is again attacked by that mysterious wrestler from 2 weeks ago.)

26.      Heavenly Bodies v. Rock & Roll Express (Very good match.  Thanks to some timely “assistance by The Stud Stable,

27.      the Bodies win it.  Bob Armstrong assures the fans that due to the way the match ended, the RRX will receive
another title shot )




1.         Rock & Roll Express v. Robby Eagle & Mike Sampson

2.         Int – Rock & Roll Express

3.         Killer Kyle & The Heavenly Bodies v. Brian Lee, Dixie Dynamite & Tim Horner (A different mystery man runs in and
attacks Brian Lee and costs the babyfaces the match)

4.         Bob Armstrong reads another letter from the mysterious mastermind that’s sending people after Brian Lee (one of whom
is revealed as the Mongolian Mauler). 

5.         Killer Kyle v. Newton Steffy

6.         Dutch Mantel interviews the Stud Stable

7.         Tim Horner confronts Ron Wright, who denies giving Horner a title shot at the Dirty White Boy’s SMW Heavywight
title.  DWB attacks Horner, handcuffs him, drags him to the ring, AND HANGS HIM!

8.         Int – Ron Garvin

9.         Paul Orndorff v. Brian Lee ($10,000 Bounty match)

10.      Int – Brian Lee


11.      Ron Garvin v. Mike Sampson

12.      Int – Ron Garvin

13.      Paul Orndorff v. Danny Davis (During the match, Ron Garvin comes out and STEALS ORNDORFF’S ROBE!  Orndorff
When Orndorff finally sees this, he gets so upset he doesn’t notice Davis sneak up from behind and roll up Orndorff
for the upset victory!)

14.      Int – Rock & Roll Express

15.      Rock & Roll Express v. Paul Lee & Joe Cazana

16.      Int – Rock & Roll Express

17.      Int – Tim Horner

18.      Dutch Mantel interviews Ron Wright & Dirty White Boy.  Tim Horner runs out and attacks both DWB and Ron Wright! DWB busts

         a bottle over Horner’s head and bloodies him before its all over though.

19.      Int – Bob Armstrong, who fines DWB.  Jim Cornette comes out with an injunction denying the R&R Express a title
shot as long as the Heavenly Bodies are defending it against other deserving teams.

20.      Brian Lee v. Killer Kyle ($10,000 bounty match.  The Heavenly Bodies run in afterward, and the Rock & Rolls
come in to make the save.  Meanwhile, a THIRD mysterious stalker runs in and attacks Brian Lee!)

21.      Int – Heavenly Bodies

22.      Int – Brian Lee, Dixie Dynamite & Danny Davis & The Rock & Roll Express comment on Jim Cornette’s
injunction designed to keep the R&Rs from getting a title shot.




1.        Killer Kyle v. Robby Eagle

2.        Int – Tim Horner

3.        Int – Dirty White Boy & Ron Wright

4.        DWB v. Ben Jordan

5.        Paul Orndorff v. Danny Davis (From last week.  During the match, Ron Garvin comes out and STEALS ORNDORFF’S

6.        ROBE!  Orndorff  When Orndorff finally sees this, he gets so upset he doesn’t notice Davis sneak up from behind and

7.        roll up Orndorff for the upset victory!)

8.        Int – Ron Garvin and Danny Davis.  Garvin is still wearing Orndorff’s robe.  An irate Orndorff comes out, but Garvin and Davis

9.        leave the set.

10.     Dutch Mantel interviews Brian Lee and Bob Armstrong.  Armstrong reveals another note from the mastermind behind

11.     the attacks on Brian Lee.  This mysterious mastermind is currently referred to as “The Master”.

12.     Brian Lee v. The Stalker (This Stalker is the third of the 3 wrestlers that have been attacking Lee over the last month. 

13.     During the match, Lee is attacked by the second of the 3 Stalkers.  The Rock & Roll Express run in to make the save.)

14.     Int – Stud Stable

15.     Heavenly Bodies v. Danny Davis & Dixie Dynamite

16.     Int – The Rock & Roll Express promise a big surprise for Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies for next week.


17.     Dixie Dynamite vs. Joe Cazana

18.     Int – Rock & Roll Express

19.     Dutch Mantel interviews Brian Lee as he’s still trying to figure out who the “Master” is.

20.     Heavenly Bodies v. Ben Jordan & Robbie Eagle

21.     Dutch Mantel interviews Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies as they try to keep from defending their tag team titles against the
Rock & Roll Express

22.     Mike Sampson v Danny Davis (Paul Orndorff runs in and piledrives Davis as payback for pinning him a couple
of weeks ago.)

23.     The Rock & Roll Express present a "photo of Mrs. Cornette", which is actually a picture of a dog! This gets so far under
Cornette’s skin that Cornette immediately agrees to put the Heavenly Bodies’ tag titles up for grabs.  The Bodies aren’t
very happy about this though, and argue with Cornette.

24.     DIRTY WHITE BOY vs TIM HORNER get into an unscheduled brawl.




1.         The Fantastics v. 2 Jobbers (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden badmouth the Fantastics from the announcers table)

2.         DWB is being interviewed, but not for long, as Tim Horner attacks him again.

3.         TRACY SMOTHERS does a shoot promo on WCW, saying that he never wanted to be a "Young Pistol", and how he's
never  been to Cheyenne Wyoming. Great Stuff!

4.         Killer Kyle v. Robbie Eagle

5.         PAUL ORNDORFF vs DIXIE DYNAMITE (As Orndorff goes to finish DD off with the piledriver. Ron Garvin
taunts Paul with his stolen robe. Orndorff loses it and is counted out. )

6.         HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS. (Gibson no-shows, so Cornette insults Morton into a
handicap match. The Bodies work over Morton until Gibson, in street clothes, arrives and cleans house. Turns into
an excellent brawl.)


7.         Tracy Smothers v. Paul Lee (This was Tracy Smothers’ debut in SMOKEY Mountain Wrestling)

8.         Tim Horner v. ???

9.         BRIAN LEE vs THE NIGHTSTALKER. (If Lee wins, the mysterious "master" must appear next week)

10.      DOWN AND DIRTY with Dutch Mantell. Dutch interviews Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies.

11.      RON GARVIN vs KILLER KYLE. (Orndorff runs in to reclaim his robe, but Dixie Dynamite scurries off to the dressing
room with it. )

12.      Int – The Fantastics comment on the upcoming dream match where Bobby and Jackie Fulton will have to wrestle
each other.  The Stud Stable comes out and challenge the Fantastics to a match.




1.         DWB v. Mike Sampson

2.         Int – Tim Horner

3.         Int – Danny Davis, who is in a neck brace from when he was piledriven on 10/17/92.

4.         Int – Paul Orndorff claims that he can beat Ron Garvin and Danny Davis at the same time.

5.         Heavenly Bodies v. Robby Eagle & ???

6.         Int – Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies accept a  “4 Faces of Fear” Challenge.  This is a series of 4 matches that take
place over the course of 4 days.  Each day has a different match.  Day 1: Texas Death Match,  Day 2: Falls count
Anywhere,  Day 3:  Barbed Wire Cage Match  Day 4:  SMOKEY Mountain Street Fight

7.         Dutch Mantel interviews Tracey Smothers

8.         Int – Rock & Roll Express

9.         Jackie Fulton v. Bobby Fulton (The Fantastics, as part of a fans Dream Match contest must wrestle each other! 
The Fantastics wrestle a very good technical match, as the Stud Stable comments about them [negatively of course]

from the commentators table.  Needless to say, it doesn’t take long for the Stud Stable to come down to ringside
and provoke a brawl with the Fantastics)

10.      Int – The Fantastics challenge the Stud Stable to a match next week.

11.      Recap of the feud between Brian Lee and the mysterious “Master”, as all the various matches and run-ins are shown.

12.      Brian Lee v. The Master (The Master finally reveals himself to be KEVIN SULLIVAN!  Sullivan throws a fireball
at Lee and stabs him with a spike!  2 of Sullivan’s disciples run in as well and join in as Lee is beaten bloody!)


13.      Paul Orndorff v. Reno Riggins

14.      Int – Paul Orndorff finds out that due to his claim that he could beat both Ron Garvin and Danny Davis at the
same time, he’s now been signed to a handicap match against Davis and Garvin at the upcoming Thanksgiving

15.      Thunder!

16.      Int – Tim Horner

17.      Rock & Roll Express v. Paul Lee & Jeff Daniels

18.      Int – Heavenly Bodies

19.      Dutch Mantel interviews Bob Armstrong about the bloody feud between Brian Lee and Kevin Sullivan.  Armstrong
signs a match between Sullivan and The Mongolian Stomper.

20.      KEVIN SULLIVAN PROMO, which is billed as a "paid advertisement". Sullivan does an awesome interview talking about
how he's too violent for the big organizations that want to sanitize wrestling and turn it into a "kiddie show".

21.      Tracy Smothers v. Robbie Eagle

22.      The Fantastics v. The Stud Stable (After a ref bump, Dutch Mantell leaves his commentator post and costs the Fantastics
the bout. )

23.      Int – Rock & Roll Express & Ron Garvin talk about next week’s six man tag match against the Heavenly Bodies and

24.      Jim Cornette




1.        The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden)v. Bobby Eagle & Jeff Daniels

2.        Int – Brian Lee from his home as he is healing from the vicuous attack of Kevin Sullivan.

3.        KEVIN SULLIVAN INTERVIEW, which is billed as a "paid advertisement". Sullivan does an awesome interview talking

         about how he's too violent for the big organizations that want to sanitize wrestling and turn it into a "kiddie show".

4.        Int – Ron Garvin & Danny Davis

5.         DOWN & DIRTY: Dutch interviews Jim Cornette, who does one of the greatest interviews ever- a

6.        uper intense overview of the Bods vs Rock & Roll feud.

7.        Reno Riggins v. DWB

8.        Int – Paul Orndorff, who thinks he had stolen his robe back from Davis and Garvin, but finds out that what he actually stole

         is a BLACK NEGLIGEE!  Garvin taunts Orndorff in the ring with his Robe, and runs off before Orndorff can get there.

9.        Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette vs Rock & Roll Express & Ron Garvin. (Ricky Morton is injured before the bell sounds

         and it winds up being a 3 on 2 match.)

10.      Int – Rock & Roll Express


11.     Tim Horner v. Paul Lee

12.     Int – DWB and Ron Wright

13.     Int – Brian Lee, who is still convalescing at home.

14.     Another great promo by Kevin Sullivan

15.     Int – Tracey Smothers

16.     Dixie Dynamite v. Jeff Daniels

17.     Heavenly Bodies & Jim Cornette v. Robert Gibson & Ronnie Garvin (from last week.  Just the ending is shown.)

18.     Heavenly Bodies v. Robbie Eagle & Reno Riggins

19.     Int – Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette

20.     Music Video – Rock & Roll Express

21.     DOWN & DIRTY with Danny Davis, who sports a neckbrace as a result of a Paul Orndorff piledriver. Orndorff shows up to

         nail Davis again, but Ron Garvin makes the save.

22.     DIRTY WHITE BOY ( Champ) vs RON GARVIN.



12/5/92 (Thanksgiving Thunder re-cap)

1.         BATTLE ROYAL, joined in progress, as Tracey Smothers eliminates both Dirty White Boy and the Night Stalker to win.

2.         PAUL ORNDORFF vs RON GARVIN & DANNY DAVIS (in a handicap match, jip. Orndorff loses, but piledrives both
Opponents after the match. )

3.         DIRTY WHITE BOY vs TIM HORNER, Lumberjack Match. jip.

4.         HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (in a Hospital Elimination match, where the first wrestler who
bleeds loses, jip. Rock & Rolls win the belts)

5.         HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (in a in a Falls Count anywhere Match. The Bods regain the titles,
joined in progress)

6.         HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (in a SMOKEY Mountain streetfight. The match is joined in progress,
but what  is shown is a FIVE STAR brawl.)

7.         HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (in a Barbed Wire Cage Match, jip. The Rock & Rolls regain the tag
titles in this wild bloodbath!)

8.         DOWN & DIRTY with Jim Cornette. Funny interview, talks about getting in shape for his upcoming 3 on 2 matches vs Rock &
Roll Express.  Cornette also tries to get the Heavenly Bodies out of a mandatory match with the Stud Stable, but the Fuller
And Golden still want the match.

9.         KEVIN SULLIVAN vs MONGOLIAN STOMPER. (The two brawl all over the building, including up in the cheap seats!
Stomper later jumps Sullivan backstage. )


10.      Dixie Dynamite v. The Dark Secret

11.      Int – Tracey Smothers

12.      Int – Bob Armstrong, who had recently banned Kevin Sullivan, but now is legally forced to re-instate him.

13.      Int – Brian Lee, who is fully healed from his injury at the hands of Kevin Sullivan.

14.      KEVIN SULLIVAN vs JEFF DANIELS. (Kevin uses chairs, tables and a camera tripod to render his opponent into a legit
bloody mess. )

15.      DOWN & DIRTY with Paul Orndorff & Dirty White Boy.   The heels talk about their upcoming tag match against Ron
Garvin and Tim Horner at Christmas Chaos

16.      Heavenly Bodies v. Daniel Little Bear & Reno Riggins (The Stud Stable are at the commentators booth complaining about not getting a title shot.)

17.      Int – Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies

18.      DIRTY WHITE BOY ( Champ) vs TIM HORNER. (Horner seems to win the title, but the ref spots DWB's foot on the
ropes. Horner then "steals" the belt!)




1.         The rules for the “Beat the Champ” TV Title are announced.

2.         Paul Orndorff v. Reno Riggins

3.         Int – Paul Orndorff, DWB & Ron Wright.  DWB wants Tim Horner to return the SMW belt.  Bob Armstrong declares that
since he can’t find the belt,  it will be on the line during the 1st 30 minutes of the tag match between DWB& Orndorff v.
Horner and Garvin.

4.         Int – DWB

5.         Music Video – Tracey Smothers

6.         Int – Stud Stable, who are still demanding a tag title shot.

7.         Footage is shown of Kebin Sullivan and his henchmen injuring Brian Lee.

8.         Int – Brian Lee

9.         Kevin Sullivan v. Mongolian Stomper (From Thanksgiving Thunder.  WILD BRAWL!)

10.      Bob Armstrong declares the upcoming Sullivan/Nightstalker v. Brian Lee/Mongolian Stomper at Christmas Chaos, a
non-sanctioned match.

11.      Night Stalker v. Daniel Little Bear (Night Stalker was known in the WWF as Adam Bomb, and by his real name of
Brian Clarke, as one half of the horrible Tag Team Kronik.)

12.      Int – Kevin Sullivan

13.      Dutch Mantell interviews Tim Horner.  Orndorff and DWB run in to attack Horner, but he gets away.

14.      HILARIOUS interview with Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies, as Cornette shows everyone how hard he’s been training.

15.      Rock & Roll Express v. Paul Lee & The Dark Secret

16.      JIM CORNETTE challenges Ricky Morton to a fight- It winds up with the Heavenly bodies attacking Morton with a full can of Coca-Cola.

        Cornette then does a hilarious interview about athletes who have had problems with coke! Kind
of a hidden  joke there, as Morton himself was a cocaine addict.  This leads directly to…..

17.      HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (The show ends mid-match.)


18.      HEAVENLY BODIES vs ROCK & ROLL EXPRESS (ending from last week.  Robert Fuller "accidentally" costs the
Bods the bout with his misdirected interference, and Cornette is unhappy to say the least. )

19.      ROBERT FULLER & JIMMY GOLDEN vs RENO RIGGINS & LITTLE BEAR (Cornette does commentary, and
runs down the Stud Stable!)

20.      Int – Stud Stable

21.      Tracey Smothers v. Dark Secret

22.      TIM HORNER INTERVIEW- Horner give the missing SMW title belt to a sick child - excellent interview

23.      DWB v. Paul Lee

24.      KEVIN SULLIVAN vs DIXIE DYNAMITE (Sullivan and Night Stalker mangle Dixie with a wire hanger!)



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