Hosted by Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper & The Honkytonk Man

1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Tom Stone

2.        Update – WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior is interviewed on his upcoming match against Sgt. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble.

3.        Warlord v. Donny Steel

4.        Int – Mr. Perfect

5.        Int – Ted DiBiase

6.        Jim Duggan v. JT Smith

7.        Int – Hulk Hogan & Tugboat

8.        Special Interview – Sgt. Slaughter & General Adnan.  Slaughter has turned traitor and is backing Iraq during the Gulf War.  Slaughter is easily the biggest heel in the entire promotion now, and was receiving legitimate death threats from irate fans.

9.        Sgt. Slaughter v. Pat Armstrong

10.     Brother Love – Hulk Hogan

11.     Royal Rumble report

12.     Ted DiBiase while talking about what he’s going to do to Dusty and Dustin Rhodes at the Royal Rumble, orders Virgil to wipe
horse $#i+ off of his feet.  Virgil doesn’t look too happy about this.

13.     Orient Express v. The Mulkeys

14.     Int – Power & Glory

15.     Int – Jake Roberts



1.        Big Bossman v. Kent Carlson

2.        Update – Sgt. Slaughter talks about his upcoming title match with the Ultimate Warrior at the Royal Rumble.

3.        Rick Martel v. Jim Evans

4.        Daveyboy Smith v. Tom Bennett

5.        Int – Kerry Von Erich

6.        Int – Hart Foundation

7.        Undertaker v. Ray Hammer (Undertaker is still being managed by Brother love at this point.)

8.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Danny Brazil (After the match, just to show that he can do anything he want to whomever he wants,
diBiase SLAPS VIRGIL!  Virgil is visibly enraged, but DiBiase still bullies him into doing what he wants.  )

10.     Int – Earthquake & Dino Bravo

11.     Int – Rick Martel

12.     Power & Glory v. Sonny Blaze & Scotty Williams

13.     Int  - Hulk Hogan & Tugboat



1.        Jake Roberts v. Bob Bradley

2.        Update – Ted DiBiase & Virgil and Dusty & Dustin Rhodes talk about their upcoming Royal Rumble match.

3.        Earthquake v. Randy Hunter

4.        Hart Foundation v. Black Bart & WT Jones

5.        Int – Mr. Perfect

6.        Int – Jim Duggan

7.        Mr. Perfect v. Kevin Reno

8.        Int – Big Bossman

9.        Int – Demolition

10.     Brother Love – The Brother love show is interrupted by Sean Mooney reading an official WWF disclaimer about the
inflammatory comments by Sgt. Slaughter and Gen. Adnan and that their views don’t represent those of the WWF.
They return to the Brother Love show, as Slaughter and Adnan are being interviewed yelling out loads of anti-American
and pro Iraq comments.

11.     Bushwhackers v. Dennis Allen & The Gladiator

12.     Int – Randy Savage



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter (In progress from the Royal Rumble.  Randy Savage interferes in the match
and helps Sgt. Slaughter to defeat the Warrior to win the WWF World Title.)

2.        The Mountie v. Reno Riggins (One of the Jacques Rougeau’s first appearances as “The Mountie”.  Vince does indeed acknowledge
that the Mountie is indeed Rougeau.)

3.        Int – Bushwhackers

4.        Int – Nasty Boys

5.        Legion of Doom v. Doug Vines & Cleo Reed

6.        Int – Undertaker & Brother Love

7.        Int – Roddy Piper

8.        Int – Hulk Hogan after winning the Royal Rumble

9.        Daveyboy Smith v. Joe Turner

10.     Rick Martel v. Alan Reynolds

11.     Int - Bobby Heenan

12.     Int – Jim Duggan

13.     Int – Kerry Von Erich



1.        Earthquake v. Tugboat

2.        Int – Ted DiBiase

3.        Int – LOD

4.        Nasty Boys v. Reno Riggins & ???

5.        Update:  In response to Randy Savage costing the Ultimate Warrior the WWF Title, a loser retires match has been signed for  Wrestlemania 7.
Includes interviews with both Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior.

6.        Warlord v. Tom King

7.        Int- Hulk Hogan

8.        Jake Roberts v. Tony Burton

9.        Brother Love – Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan

10.     Wrestlemania report with footage of Hulk Hogan visiting the troops in the Persian Gulf

11.     Ted DiBiase v. Len Wagner

12.     Int – Undertaker

13.     Int – Jake Roberts

14.     Int- Hart Foundation



1.        Tito Santana v. Ted Oates

2.        Mountie v. Sonny Blaze

3.        Tag Team Battle Royal featuring the Rockers, Orient Express, LOD, Power & Glory, Demolition and the Bushwhackers with the winners getting
a title shot at Wrestlemania 7.

4.        Kerry Von Erich v. Darryl Woodworth

5.        Brother Love –  Brother Love introduces the Undertaker’s new manager, PAUL BEARER!

6.        Rick Martel v. ??? (following the match, a maked man runs in and attacks Martel!  This man was never given a name, but was
Brutus Beefcake under the mask)

7.        Promo – Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat



1.        Big Bossman v. ???

2.        Update – The feud between the LOD and Power & Glory.  Interviews with both teams are shown.

3.        Undertaker v. jobber

4.        Int – Hulk Hogan

5.        Virgil [w/ Roddy Piper] v. Haku [w/ Ted DiBiase]  (Piper coaches Virgil to a victory over Haku)

6.        Daveyboy Smith v. jobber

7.        Brother Love – Randy “Macho King” Savage and Queen Sherri

8.        Wrestlemania report

9.        Promo – The Dragon

10.     Sgt. Slaughter v. jobber (Slaughter destroys his opponent, and then beats up an official who had come in to help the poor guy.)

11.     Int – Ted DiBiase

12.     Int – Jake Roberts



1.        Jake Roberts v. Terrence Blaylock (Blaylock would later become Mustafa of the Gangstas.)

2.        Update – The upcoming WWF Title match between Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter

3.        The Viking v. Tommy Landel (John Nord debuts as the Viking.  After complaints by the Nordic community, Nord’s name would be
changed to The Berserker)

4.        Rockers v. Brooklyn Brawler & Jerry Oates

5.        Brother Love – Ultimate Warrior   With a career ending match coming up against Randy Savage, the Warrior decides to warm up by trying to
end Brother Love’s career.  The Warrior destroys not just the Brother Love set and Brother Love himself!  Love tries to run away from
the Warrior, but is chased into the ring where the Warrior absolutely demolishes him! Brother Love is stretchered out and wasn't seen again for
several years.

6.        Wrestlemania report

7.        Promo – The Dragon

8.        Earthquake v. jobber (After thet match, Earthquake is attacked with several vicious headbutts by the masked man [Brutus Beefcake] who
attacked Rick Martel a couple of weeks back.)



1.        Hart Foundation v. Pete Sanchez & John Martin

2.        Update – The feud between Ted DiBiase & Virgil

3.        Mountie v. jobber

4.        Int – Demolition

5.        Int – Warlord

6.        Int – Daveyboy Smith

7.        Big Bossman v. Brooklyn Brawler

8.        Special Interview – Sgt Slaughter.  Slaughter, spouting anti-US & Pro Iraqi slogans burns a Hulk Hogan T-shirt as if it were the
American flag.  Vince actually wanted Slaughter to burn the flag itself, but decided that this might be going a bit too far, and settled on
the t-shirt, which still had the desired effect if inciting the crowd just as much.

9.        Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka v. jobber

10.     Int – Orient Express

11.     Wrestlemania report

12.     Haku & Barbarian v. Randy Hunter & Dale Wolfe

13.     Int – Greg Valentine

14.     Int – Earthquake

15.     Int – LOD



1.        Daveyboy Smith v. Cliff Sheats

2.        Update – Big Bossman’s feud with Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan

3.        Kerry Von Erich v. “Pistol” Pez Whatley (Now there’s a name from the past.  Whatley is now deceased, but was a mainstay
in Georgia Championship Wrestling back in the 80s.)

4.        Int – Barbarian & Haku

5.        Int – The Rockers

6.        Int – Nasty Boys

7.        Nasty Boys v. jobbers

8.        Special Interview – Hulk Hogan

9.        Rick Martel v. jobber

10.     Promo – The Dragon

11.     Int – Mr. Perfect

12.     Wrestlemania report

13.     Undertaker v. jobber

14.     Int – Tito Santana

15.     Int – The Mountie

16.     Int – Big Bossman



Wrestlemania would air later on in the evening.

1.        LOD v. Chris Sullivan & Keith Steiinborn

2.        Update – Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter

3.        Earthquake v. Scotty Williams (Earthquake is again attacked by a mysterious masked wrestler.  While it’s well known now that this
wrestler was indeed Brutus Beefcake, the name of his character was not The Mariner.  That may very well have been one of the proposed
names for the character, but after this most recent appearance, the entire character was scrapped in exchange for bringing Beefcake back
in his “Barber Shop” interview segment.)

4.        Int – Daveyboy Smith

5.        Int - The Warlord

6.        Int – The Undertaker

7.        The Viking v. Danny Brazil

8.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Kevin Greeno (Virgil comes out to taunt DiBiase, and Ted is so obsessed with his former valet that he winds up getting

10.     Int – Rick Martel

11.     Int – The Rockers

12.     Wrestlemania report

13.     Jim Duggan v. Alan Martin

14.     Int – Mr. Perfect

15.     Promo – The Dragon

16.     Video buildup to Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter at Wrestlemania later tonight.



Vince McMahon & Roddy Piper welcome their new broadcast partner, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who lost his retirement match
against the Ultimate Warrior last week at Wrestlemania 7.

1.        Wrestlemania re-cap – Clips of many of the Wrestlemania matches are shown. Including Hulk Hogan winning the WWF Title from
Sgt. Slaughter.  Footage is shown of Hogan being attacked by Slaughter and Gen. Adnan in the back after the show.

2.        Bushwhackers v. Mike Sample & Bob Holly (Yes THAT Bob Holly.)

3.        Int – Mr. Perfect

4.        Int – Kerry Von Erich

5.        Mountie v. Major Yates

6.        Int – Hulk Hogan

7.        Daveyboy Smith v. Doug Vines

8.        Funeral Parlor – Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor debuts.

9.        Power & Glory v. John Allen & Dale Wolfe

10.     Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat v. Brooklyn Brawler (Steamboat makes his return to the WWF wearing a dragon costume and bre

11.     Promo – Irwin R. Schyster

12.     Sgt. Slaughter introduces Col. Mustafa to the WWF.  McMahon acknowledges that Mustafa is indeed former WWF Champion
The Iron Sheik, but that’s prettymuch the last time you’ll hear anyone acknowledge that Mustafa and the Sheik are one and the same.

13.     Col. Mustafa v. jobber

14.     Int. Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan



1.        Big Bossman v. Keith Steinborn

2.        Update – The continuing feud between Hulk Hogan & Sgt. Slaughter

3.        Rockers v. Pez Whatley & Jeff Sword

4.        Promo – Irwin R. Schyster

5.        Int – Rick Martel

6.        Int – Daveyboy Smith

7.        Mr. Perfect v. Dale Wolfe

8.        Int – Hulk Hogan

9.        Jim Duggan v. Brooklyn Brawler

10.     Funeral Parlor – Paul Bearer interviews the Undertaker

11.     Jake Roberts v. John Allen (After the match, Earthquake comes out, but Roberts runs him off with his snake Damien)

12.     Footage of Andre the Giant humiliating Bobby the Brain Heenan on a few recent occasions.

13.     Ted DiBiase v. Reno Riggins (DiBiase introduces Sensational Sherri as his new manager)

14.     Int – Orient Express

15.     Int – Roddy Piper



1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Gladiator

2.        Update – the confrontation between Jake Roberts & Earthquake last week. 

3.        The Berserker v. Jim Kolhep (Formerly the Viking, John Nord has changed his name to the Berserker)

4.        Bret Hart v. Barry O (After losing the Tag Titles to the Nasty Boys at Wrestlemania, Bret Hart begins his singles career.  Bret puts
Barry O away with his new finisher, the Sharpshooter.)

5.        Int – Hulk Hogan

6.        Nasty Boys v. Steve Deleon & Riki Ataki

7.        Funeral Parlor – In one of the most remembered Funeral Parlor segments ever, The Undertaker attacks the Ultimate Warrior and LOCKS

8.        Tugboat v. Brooklyn Brawler

9.        Promo – Irwin R. Schyster



1. Daveyboy Smith v. Mike Starr

2.  Update:  Undertaker locks Ultimate Warrior in a casket

3.  Orient Express v. Rob Allen & Scott Casey

4.  Ted DiBiase v. Jim Powers

5.  Legion of Doom  v. Mark Ming & Randy Sharkey

6.  Funeral Parlor - Sgt. Slaughter & General Adnan

7.  Warlord v. Dale Wolfe

8.  Ricky Steamboat v. Louie Spicolli

9.  The Mountie v. jobber





1.        Big Bossman v. Pez Whatley

2.        Update – Sensational Sherri approaches Andre the Giant at a bar and offers her managerial services to him.  Andre isn’t impressed.

3.        Undertaker v. Larry Golden (After the match, Undertaker puts his opponent in a body back

4.        Int – Nasty Boys

5.        Int – Jim Duggan

6.        Jim Duggan v. jobber ( Before the match, the Genius Lanny Poffo reads a poem)

7.        Int – Kerry Von Erich

8.        Int – Barbarian

9.        Mr. Perfect v. Randy taylor

10.     Funeral Parlor – Roddy Piper and Virgil

11.     Jake Roberts v. Earthquake (During the match, Earthquake ties Jake up in the ropes, drags the bag with Jake’s pet snake Damian to the
middle of the ring, and SPLASHES DAMIEN MULTIPLE TIMES, KILLING THE SNAKE!  Jake is distraught with grief, as he’s helpless
to save Damien.)

12.     Rockers v. Bill Lucas & Barry O

13.     Promo – IRS

14.     Int – Hulk Hogan

15.     Int –Nasty Boys



1.        Nasty Boys v. Rockers

2.        Update – Earthquake killing Jake Robert’s pet snake Damien.

3.        Kerry Von Erich v. Al Burke

4.        Int – Col Mustafa

5.        Int – LOD

6.        Col. Mustafa v. WT Jones

7.        Int – Warlord

8.        Int – Jake Roberts

9.        Brutus Beefcake gives someone a haircut on a recent episode of Primetime Wrestling

10.     Virgil v. Tom Stone

11.     Berserker v. Dan Robbins

12.     Funeral Parlor – Hulk Hogan

13.     Promo – IRS

14.     Bret Hart v. Warren Bianchi

15.     Int – Sgt. Slaughter



1.        Int – Roddy Piper, as he tapes up his injured leg in preparation for his match against Rick Martel

2.        Bushwhackers v. Brian Costello & Doug Wallen

3.        Update – Andre the Giant is approached by Slick to be his manager.  Andre says no in pretty humerous fasion

4.        Sgt. Slaugter v. Kevin Kruger

5.        Int – Earthquake

6.        Int – Bret Hart

7.        Promo – Irwin R. Schyster

8.        Big Bossman v. Dan Johnson (After the match, the Nasty Boys run in and attack the Bossman.  Then the Mountie comes in and brutalizes
him some more.)

9.        Ricky Steamboat v. Ricky Rice

10.     Funeral Parlor – Mr. Perfect & Bobby Heenan

11.     Roddy Piper v. Rick Martel

12.     Int – Hulk Hogan

13.     Undertaker v. George Anderson

14.     Int – Nasty Boys

15.     Int – Jim Duggan

16.     Int – Smash

17.     Int – Ultimate Warrior



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Smash

2.        Update – The growing feud between the Mountie and the Big Bossman

3.        Power & Glory v. Dan Robbins & Buck Zumhoff

4.        Int – Nasty Boys

5.        Int – Jake Roberts

6.        Irwin R. Schyster v. Red Tyler (Mike Rotundo enters the ring for the first time as the evil tax collector, IRS)

7.        Int – Hulk Hogan

8.        Daveyboy Smith v. WT Smith

9.        Int – Ted DiBiase & Sensational Sherri

10.     Jake Roberts v. Tom Bennett (In his first wrestling appearance since Earthquake killed his Pet Snake Damien, Jake shows off his new and
even bigger pet snake.)

11.     Barbarian v. Dale Wolfe

12.     Int – Sgt. Slaughter



1.        Mr. Perfect v. Jim Evans

2.        Update – Andre the Giant rejects Mr. Fuji’s offer to manage him.

3.        Tugboat v. Warren Bianchi

4.        Col. Mustafa v. Warren Anderson

5.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

6.        Bret Hart v. Gary Wilde

7.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

8.        Int – Randy Savage

9.        Nast Boys v. Red Tyler & Buck Zumhoff

10.     Int – Bushwhackers

11.     Funeral Parlor – Jake Roberts

12.     The Mountie v. Ricky Rice

13.     Rockers v. Al Burke & Bob Bradley

14.     Int – Earthquake

15.     Int – Big Bossman



1.        LOD v. Jobbers

2.        Update – Mountie & Big Bossman

3.        Ted DiBiase v. Randy Fox

4.        Int – Undertaker

5.        Int – Greg Valentine

6.        Kerry Von Erich v. Brooklyn Brawler

7.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

8.        Int – Randy Savage

9.        Earthquake v. Kevin Kruger

10.     Int – Earthquake & Jimmy Hart.  Hart brings out Andre the Giant and offers his services as a manager.  Andre turns him down and is immediately
attacked by the Earthquake!

11.     Orient Express v. Dave Sigfritts & John Anderson

12.     Undertaker v. Dan Robbins

13.     Int – Ultimate Warrior



1.        Big Bossman v. jobber

2.        Update – Andre the Giant being attacked by the Earthquake last week.

3.        Int – Jake Roberts

4.        Warlord v. Red Tyler

5.        Promo – Sid Justice

6.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

7.        WT Jones v. Daveyboy Smith

8.        Berserker v. jobber

9.        Int – Randy Savage

10.     Int – Ultimate Warrior

11.     Ricky Steamboat v. Dan Johnson

12.     Funeral Parlor – IRS

13.     Promo – Sid Justice

14.     Virgil v. Bob Bradley

15.     Sgt. Slaughter v. Buck Zumhoff

16.     Int – Ultimate Warrior

17.     Int – Earthquake

18.     Int – Virgil



1.        Bret Hart v. Louie Spicolli

2.        Update – More on Andre the Giant’s injury at the hands of Earthquake

3.        Promo Sid

4.        Ted DiBiase v. Larry Luden

5.        Int – Undertaker

6.        Int – Big Bossman

7.        Mountie v. Steven Deleon

8.        Int – Orient Express

9.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

10.     Int – Kerry Von Erich

11.     Int – Power & Glory

12.     Jim Duggan v. Black Knight

13.     Funeral Parlor – Mr. Perfect and his new manager “The Coach” John Tolos

14.     Nasty Boys & Earthcuake v. Bushwhackers & Tugboat (Not a good day for the Bushwhackers, as Tugboat turns on his partners becoming an
instant heel in the process.)

15.     Col. Mustafa v. jobber

16.     Int – Andre the Giant & Jake Roberts

17.     Int – Ted DiBiase & IRS



1.        Jake Roberts v. mark Ming

2.        Update – Tugboat’s heel turn from last week.  He’s now being called Typhoon, and teaming with the Earthquake as the Natural Disasters.

3.        Beau & Blake Beverly v. jobbers (Former AWA Tag Team Champions Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom make their debut in the WWF
as the The Beverly Brothers.)

4.        Int – Jake Roberts & Andre the Giant

5.        Promo – Sid Justice

6.        Daveyboy Smith v. Bill Lucas

7.        Int – The Mountie

8.        Int – Roddy Piper & Virgil

9.        IRS v. Jim Colher

10.     Funeral Parlor – The Big Bossman

11.     WBF report – Gene Okerlund reviews the recent World Bodybuilding Federation PPV.  Several interviews with some of the WBF stars, as
well as with Randy Savage & The Ultimate Warrior

12.     Greg Valentine v. Bill Gatlin

13.     Int – Mr. Perfect

14.     Int – Jim Duggan

15.     Undertaker v. Scott Brazo

16.     Int – Ultimate Warrior



1.        Big Bossman v. jobber

2.        Update – Ms. Elizabeth

3.        Undertaker v. Larry Williams

4.        Kerry Von Erich v. Louie Spicolli

5.        Natural Disasters v. Bob Allen & Larry Simpson (Earthquake & Typhoon make their debut as a tag team)

6.        Int – Hulk Hogan

7.        Virgil v. Randy Sharkey

8.        Funeral Parlor – Sgt. Slaughter

9.        Ricky Steamboat v. Dale Wolfe

10.     Int – LOD

11.     Int – Nasty Boys

12.     Warlord v. jobber

13.     Int – LOD, Jake Roberts & Big Bossman



1.        Undertaker v. Rob Allen

2.        Special Interview – Gene Okerlund talks to Ms. Elizabeth about her relationship with Randy “Macho Man” Savage since they reconciled at
Wrestlemania 7.  Savage, who was at the commentator’s table comes down to ringside where Okerlund and Elizabeth are and ASKS HER TO

3.        Beverly Brothers v. Scott Key & David Bazo

4.        Int – Greg Valentine

5.        Jake Roberts v. Louie Spicolli

6.        Int – Undertaker

7.        Int – Virgil

8.        Mountie v. jobber

9.        Int – Big Bossman, LOD & Jake Roberts

10.     Int – Ted DiBiase

11.     Bret Hart v. Haku

12.     Update - The Main Event for Summerslam 91 has been signed between Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa
& Gen. Adnan

13.     Rockers v. Brooklyn Brawler & ???

14.     Promo – Skinner (Steve Keirn)

15.     Sgt. Slaughter v. Jim Gorman

16.     Int – Ultimate Warrior



1.        Daveyboy Smith v. Ed Moretti

2.        Update – The wedding between Randy Savage (A match made in Heaven) will headline Summerslam 91 alongside Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior v. Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan (A match made in Hell.)  Interviews with Hogan/Warrior

3.        Natural Disasters v. Koko B. Ware & some poor skinny guy who never stood a chance.

4.        Int – Mr. Perfect

5.        Int – Virgil

6.        Big Bossman & The Mountie comment on the soon to be arriving Sid Justice

7.        Jim Duggan v. Mike Starr

8.        Int – Hulk Hogan

9.        Ted DiBiase v. Buddy Wayne

10.     Funeral Parlor – LOD

11.     Promo – Skinner

12.     IRS v. jobber

13.     Summerslam report – Mr. Perfect will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Bret Hart

14.     Mr. Perfect v. jobber

15.     Int – Nastyboys, Earthquake & The Mountie



1.        Big Bossman v. Louie Spicolli

2.        Update – The wedding of Randy Savage & Elizabeth

3.        Vince McMahon assures us that the WWF has a comprehensive drug program, that has been expanded to include anabolic steroids.   “When you see
[the WWF symbol], you can be assured of drug free sports entertainment that you and your entire family can be proud of. “

4.        Nasty Boys v. Rob Allen & Scott Carlson

5.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

6.        Promo – Skinner

7.        Ricky Steamboat v. Tim Patterson

8.        Special interview – Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan.  Gene Okerlund introduces Sid Justice as the guest referee or their match.  While
the Iraqi sympathizers expect the former Sid Vicious to side with them, Sid shouts them down and promises that he’ll call the match straight down
the middle and to make sure that “Justice is served”

9.        Virgil v. Black Knight

10.     Warlord v. Billy Gatlin

11.     Int – Undertaker

12.     Int – Big Bossman, Jake Roberts & LOD

13.     Summerslam report – Interviews with Hogan/ Warrior, Bret Hart, Virgil & the Natural Disasters

14.     Beverly Brothers v. Jim Gorman & Matthew Burns

15.     Int – Ted DiBiase

16.     Int – Virgil



1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Verne Siebert

2.        Update – Sid Justice making his WWF debut and confronting Sgt. Slaughter, Gen. Adnan and Col. Mustafa

3.        Berserker v. jobber

4.        Bret Hart v. Hutch Thomas

5.        Warlord v. Larry Williams

6.        Int - :Nastyboys, Mountie & Earthquake

7.        Int – Virgil

8.        Bushwhackers v. Bob Bradley & Mark Starr (Andre the Giant is at ringside for the Bushwhackers)

9.        Funeral Parlor – Jake “The Snake” Roberts promises to share the secrets of the dark side with the Ultimate Warrior to aid him in his feud with
the Undertaker.

10.     Summerslam Report

11.     Mountie v. Steve Ray

12.     Int – Hulk Hogan



1.        Rockers v. Ed Moretti & Mike Roselli

2.        Jake Roberts/Ultimate Warrior darkside session #1:  Jake Roberts begins teaching the Ultimate Warrior about the Dark Side.  Warrior’s first lesson
is being locked in a casket.

3.        Ricky Steamboat v. Brooklyn Brawler

4.        Int – Mountie

5.        Int – Big Bossman

6.        Natural Disasters v. Stan Saxson & Doug Casen

7.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan.  Sid Justice comes out and assures them just like he assured the heel teams last week that he
will call the match right down the middle.

8.        Undertaker v. Brian Jewel

9.        Int – Greg Valentine

10.     Int – Ted DiBiase

11.     Summerslam Report

12.     Sgt. Slaughter v. 2 jobbers

13.     Int – Mr. Perfect

14.     Int – The Bushwhackers



1.        Big Bossman v. jobber

2.        Update – Sid Justice and whether or not he’ll be an impartial referee at Summerslam.

3.        Beverly Brothers v. Brian Jewell & Louie Spicolli

4.        Int – Daveyboy Smith, Kerry Von Erich & Ricky Steamboat

5.        Int – The Nastyboys

6.        IRS v. jobber

7.        Daveyboy Smith v. jobber

8.        Int – Ted DiBiase

9.        Int – Bret Hart

10.     Nastyboys v. Doug Casen & Ken Johnson

11.     Jake Roberts/Ultimate Warrior darkside session #2:  Ultimate Warrior digs a grave out in a grave yard.  And then Jake Roberts fills it in and
leaves the Warrior to stare at a mysterious skull all night.

12.     Summerslam Report

13.     Ted DiBiase v. Bobby Jones

14.     Int – IRS

15.     Int – Big Bossman

16.     Bobby Heenan displays the NWA World Title Belt and announces the imminent debut of “THE REAL WORLD CHAMPION” Ric Flair.



1.        Jake Roberts/Ultimate Warrior darkside session #3:  Jake locks the Warrior in a room filled with snake to find the answer to the Dark Side.
But when the Warrior opens a casket with the “answer”, he gets bitten by a King Cobra!  Meanwhile, Jake has locked the door shut, revealing
that the whole Dark Side thing was a ruse, and that Jake was in league with Paul Bearer and the Undertaker the entire time.  Jake Roberts has just
turned heel, and left the Warrior with a valuable lesson:  “Never Trust a Snake.”

2.        Berserker v. Dave Millison

3.        Int – LOD

4.        Int – Mr. Perfect

5.        Kerry Von Erich v. Pete Doherty

6.        Update – Bobby Heenan, who will be bringing Ric Flair, “The REAL World Champion” to the WWF.

7.        Skinner v. Mario Mancini

8.        Int – Bushwhackers

9.        Int – IRS

10.     LOD v. Dwayne Gill & Barry Hardy

11.     Summerslam Report

12.     Jimmy Snuka v. Brooklyn Brawler

13.     Mr. Perfect v. Mike Daniels

14.     Int – Virgil

15.     Int – Undertaker



1.  Ricky Steamboat v. Jim McPherson

2.  Update - Jake Roberts turns on the Ultimate Warrior

3.  Sgt. Slaughter v. jobber

4.  Koko B. Ware v. Dick Wernick

5.  IRS v. jobber

6.  Special Interview - Sid Justice

7.  Bobby Heenan talks about bringing in Ric Flair

8.   Natural Disasters v. Ray Garcia & Ross Greenberg

9.  Bret Hart v. Barry Hardy



1.        Big Bossman v. Barry Hardy

2.        Update – Footage from Summerslam, including the Wedding between Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Clips are shown of the reception where
the newlyweds opened a gift from the Jake Roberts which turned out to be a king cobra.  Afterward, Jake Roberts attacked Savage, with Sid
Justice running Jake off.

3.        Big Bully Busick v. Ross Greenberg (Busick and his manager Harvey Whippleman look like they stepped right out of New York City’s
Lower East Side from back in the early 20th century.)

4.        Daveyboy Smith v. Brian Donohue

5.        Int – Undertaker

6.        Int – Virgil

7.        Ted DiBiase v. Mario Mancini

8.        Int – Bret Hart

9.        Int – Nasty Boys

10.     Greg Valentine v. Phil Apollo

11.     Funeral Parlor – Bobby Heenan carrying the NWA Title Belt talks some more about Ric Flair coming to the WWF.  Roddy Piper leaves his
place at the announcer’s table to confront Heenan about Flair.

12.     Jim Duggan v. Tony Ricca

13.     Beverly Brothers v. Tony Diamond & Jim Powers

14.     Int – Skinner

15.     Int – Sid Justice



1.        Kerry Von Erich v. Bubba Monroe

2.        Footage from the wedding reception following Randy Savage and Elizabeth’s wedding at Summerslam.  Including Jake Roberts and
The Undertaker attacking Randy Savage.

3.        Skinner v. Scott Summers

4.        Int – Warlord

5.        Int – Ricky Steamboat

6.        Virgil v. Chris Duffy

7.        Update – Roddy Piper confronting Bobby Heenan about the soon to be arriving Ric Flair.

8.        Berserker v. Kerry Davis

9.        Int – LOD

10.     Int – Ted DiBiase

11.     Bushwhackers v. Dwayne Gill & Barry Hardy

12.     Funeral Parlor – IRS

13.     Footage of Bret Hart winning the Intercontinental Title from Curt Hennig at Summerslam

14.     Warlord v. Mark Thomas

15.     Int – Berserker

16.     Int – Sid Justice



1.        Ricky Steamboat v. jobber

2.        Update – more footage of the wedding reception attack on Randy Savage by Jake Roberts and the Undertaker with Sid Justice coming to
Savage’s aid by running the heels off.

3.        Greg Valentine v. Greg Colontonio

4.        A US Marine tells Sgt. Slaughter just what he thinks of him as far as being a traitor to the US and getting beaten at Summerslam is concerned.

5.        Mountie v. Ross Greenberg (After the match, the Mountie asks Greenberg if he knows who he is.  Greenberg responds “A Jailbird”, referring
to the Mountie losing a “Jailhouse” match to the Big Bossman and having to spend a night in jail as a result.  An enraged Mountie beats the
stuffing out of Greenberg.

6.        Int – Undertaker

7.        Int – Sid Justice

8.        IRS v. Tony Diamond

9.        Special Interview – Hulk Hogan

10.     Natural Disasters v. Brian Donohue and Mike Fury

11.     Int – LOD

12.     Int – Nasty Boys

13.     Jim Neidhart v. Brooklyn Brawler

14.     Undertaker v. jobber

15.     Int – Ted DiBiase



1.        Sid Justice v. Kato (Sid Justice makes his wrestling debut on Wrestling Challenge

2.        Update – Gene Okerlund interviews Randy Savage about the events of the wedding reception where Jake Roberts attacked Savage & Elizabeth. Savage wants to be re-instated as a wrestler so he can wrestle Jake Roberts.

3.        Big Bully Busick v. Phil Apollo (Before the match, the Bully snatches some kid’s popcorn and throws it at her.)

4.        Virgil with his newly won Million $$$ Belt entertains a crowd of children.

5.        Jimmy Snuka v. jobber

6.        Ted DiBiase v. Mike Durham

7.        Daveyboy Smith v. Chris Duffy

8.        Funeral Parlor – Ric Flair makes his WWF debut!

9.        Big Bossman v. jobber

10.     Promo – Tito Santana begins his transformation into “El Matador”

11.     Beverly Brothers v. jobbers (The Beverlys were previously managed by “Coach” John Tolos, but are now managed by The Genius, Lanny
Poffo. Following Mr. Perfect losing his IC title to Bret Hart, Tolos was released.)

12.     Int – Virgil

13.     Int – Ted DiBiase



1.        Bret Hart v. Brooklyn Brawler

2.        Update – Gene Okerlund interviews a dejected, defeated and by the looks of him, homeless Sgt. Slaughter.  Slaughter talks about having lost his
self respect, his family and his country.  Slaughter says he accepts the hatred he’s received for all the bad things he’s done and doesn’t expect
to be forgiven but tearfully asks for his country back.

3.        Rockers v. Dwayne Gill & Barry Hardy

4.        Funeral Parlor – Jake Roberts, who has apparently replaced his boa constrictor with a cobra.

5.        Warlord v. jobber

6.        Int – Undertaker

7.        Int – Sid Justice

8.        Tito Santana learns the art of bullfighting

9.        Natural Disasters v. Joe Milano & Martin Roy

10.     Int – Nasty Boys

11.     Int – LOD

12.     Int – Ted DiBiase

13.     Jim Duggan v. jobber

14.     Int – Warlord

15.     Int – Bret Hart

16.     Ric Flair comes out and confronts Roddy Piper at the announcers table and brutally attacks him!  An enraged Piper blasts fellow
commentator Vince McMahon with a chair in an attemnpt to get at the “Real World Champion”.  In the end, both Piper and McMahon are lying
unconscious with Ric Flair standing victorious holding his NWA Title Belt up for everyone to see.



1.        LOD v. jobbers

2.        Update – Ric Flair’s attack on Roddy Piper last week.

3.        Berserker v. Scott Taylor

4.        Int – LOD

5.        Int – Natural Disasters

6.        Int – Daveyboy Smith

7.        Virgil v. jobber

8.        Int – Ric Flair

9.        IRS v. Jim Powers

10.     Funeral Parlor – Sid Justice

11.     Nasty Boys v. jobbers

12.     More bullfighting lessons with Tito Santana

13.     Sgt. Slaughter at Arlington National Cemetery paying tribute to soldiers who died defending their country.  Slaughter acknowledges the soldiers
who didn’t turn their back on their country and asks for their country back and asks the fans for his country back.

14.     Ricky Steamboat v. Mike Durham

15.     Int – Big Bossman

16.     Int – IRS



1.        Big Bossman v. Martin Roy

2.        Update – The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are set to wrestle in a title match at the Survivor Series

3.        Beverly Brothers v. Ross Greenberg & Phil Apollo

4.        Int – Ric Flair & Bobby Heenan

5.        Int – Roddy Piper

6.        A celebration in Mexico for Tito who has finished his bullfighting training

7.        Jake Roberts v. Tony Diamond

8.        Int – Jake Roberts

9.        Int – Big Bossman

10.     Int – The Mountie

11.     Sgt. Slaughter at the Lincoln memorial still asking for his country back.

12.     Daveyboy Smith v. Paul Perez

13.     Special Interview – Bobby Heenan interviews The Natureboy Ric Flair, who with the NWA Title Belt in hand, is still declaring himself to be
THE REAL World Heavyweight Champion.

14.     Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart v. Barry Hardy

15.     Skinner v. Joe Milano

16.     Int – Natural Disasters

17.     Int – LOD



1.        Jake Roberts v. jobber

2.        Update – more on Hulk Hogan and his “Gravest Challenge” against the Undertaker, who is now being billed as undefeated despite the fact that
he’s lost matches to Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and Sid Justice on the house show circuit already.

3.        Kerry Von Erich v. Brooklyn Brawler

4.        Int – Ric Flair & Bobby Heenan

5.        Int – Roddy Piper

6.        Tito Santana debuts as a Matador in a Mexican bullfighting arena.  His transformation from plain old Tito Santana into El Matador is complete.

7.        Natural Disasters v. Dwayne Gill, Barry Hardy & Jim Aaron

8.        Ric Flair v. Ron Cumberledge (The Natureboy finally makes his wrestling debut on Wrestling Challenge.)

9.        Funeral Parlor – Jim Duggan

10.     Sid Justice v. El Diablo (no contest when Paul Bearer paid El Diablo off with a briefcase - seemingly - full of money so that the Undertaker
could be his replacement; as Justice dominated the Undertaker, El Diablo returned to the ring, unmasked as Jake Roberts, and the two
double teamed Sid, with Jake eventually hitting the DDT; moments later, Paul Bearer went backstage and returned to the ring with a
casket; Roberts then opened the briefcase, as Sid was tied up in the ring ropes, revealing his king cobra snake; moments later, Jim Duggan
came to the ring, pushed the casket over, and pulled Justice out of the ring)

11.     Rockers v. jobbers

12.     Sgt. Slaughter at the Iwo Jima memorial asking for his country back.



1.        Roddy Piper v. jobber

2.        Update – Jake Roberts & The Undertaker’s attack on Sid Justice last week.

3.        IRS v. Chris Hawn

4.        El Matador Tito Santana v. Bob Bradley

5.        Int – Ric Flair

6.        Int – Roddy Piper

7.        Sgt. Slaughter at a monument for Paul Revere, still (you guessed it) asking for his country back.

8.        Ted DiBiase v. jobber

9.        Int – Daveyboy Smith

10.     Int – Mountie

11.     Int – Big Bossman

12.     Ricky Steamboat v. Barry Hardy

13.     Special Interview – Natural Disasters

14.     Survivor Series report – Several interviews, including one with the Survivor Series team of DiBiase, Warlord, Mountie and Ric Flair

15.     Undertaker v. Dwayne Gill

16.     Int – Natural Disasters

17.     Int – LOD

18.     Int – Mountie

19.     Int – Sid Justice



1.        Sid Justice v. Col. Mustafa (Sid puts Mustafa away in less than 2 minutes!)

2.        Update – the feud between Roddy Piper and Ric Flair

3.        Big Bossman v. Bruce Mitchell

4.        Sgt. Slaughter on location at a battle field in his continuing quest to regain his country.

5.        Nasty Boys v. jobbers

6.        Int – IRS

7.        Int – Big Bossman

8.        LOD v. Brian Costello & Peter Weeks

9.        Funeral Parlor – Paul Bearer and the Undertaker talk about beating Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title at the upcoming Survivor Series

10.     Survivor Series report

11.     Bret Hart v. The Mountie (Jimmy Hart douses Bret with a bucket of water and the Mountie shocks him with his electric cattle prod.)

12.     Int – Natural Disasters

13.     Int – LOD

14.     Int – Jim Neidhart

15.     Int – Ric Flair



1.        Int – Sid Justice, who is out of the Survivor Series due to an injured arm.

2.        Jake Roberts v. jobber

3.        Update – Bret Hart’s injury at the hands of the Mountie last week

4.        Virgil v. Steve Dupree

5.        Promo – Repo Man (Barry Darsow, formerly known as Smash of Demolition

6.        Int – Ric Flair

7.        Int – Roddy Piper

8.        Footage from Primetime of Daveyboy Smith powerslamming Slick.

9.        Warlord v. Brian Kramer  (Harvey Whippleman is now replacing Slick as the Warlord’s manager.)

10.     Int – Natural Disasters

11.     Int – LOD

12.     Ric Flair v. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (Flair slaps on the figure four leglock and refuses to let go, injuring Neidhart’s leg in the process.)

13.     Sgt. Slaughter at the Statue of Liberty still asking for his country back (I wish they’d just give it to him, and get it over with.)

14.     Jim Neidhart is being helped to the back following his loss to Ric Flair.  The Beverly Brothers, on their way to the ring for their match, attack Neidhart and beat him into the ground.

15.     Beverly Brothers v. Mark Wilson & Dan Robbins

16.     Survivor Series Report

17.     Undertaker v. Major Yates

18.     Int – Big Bossman

19.     Int – IRS

20.     Int – Greg Valentine



1.        Rockers v. Barry Horowitz & ???

2.        Update – Jim Neidhart’s injury at the hands of Ric Flair, and then further at the hands of the Beverly Brothers put the “Anvil” out of action.

3.        Repo Man v. Reno Riggins

4.        Sgt. Slaughter is in a classroom helping children draw pictures of the American Flag and leading them in the Pledge of Allegiance.  The kids
then flock over to Slaughter and hug him as he proclaims that he finally has his country back. 

And that’s marketing for you.  Vince McMahon turns Slaughter into the biggest heel in the sport, and with a couple of months worth of canned
segments tells the audience that the entire country has forgiven Slaughter for his past crimes and that he’s now a good guy again.  You can say
what you like about McMahon, but when he told the fans who was good and who was bad, dammit they fell right in behind Vince and bought it.

5.        Int – Jake Roberts & The Undertaker

6.        Int – Jim Duggan & “Mr. Madness” on their upcoming match with Roberts & The Undertaker.  Mr. Madness is clearly Randy “Macho Man”
Savage, but his image is completely distorted by the camera as Savage has not been reinstated as a wrestler by the WWF. 

7.        IRS v. Greg Valentine (IRS cheats to win the match, and the Big Bossman runs in to let the referee know.)

8.        Int – Virgil

9.        Int – Mountie

10.     Int – Bret Hart

11.     Survivor Series report – several interviews, including one with Big Bossman & the Legion of Doom who will be wrestling one man short
since Sid Justice is currently out of action with an arm injury.

12.     Jack Tunney comments on Randy Savage’s requests to be reinstated, and that they’re taking the matter under advisement.

13.     Natural Disasters v. Tom Stone & Burt Stiles

14.     Funeral Parlor – Hulk Hogan.  Ric Flair comes out and we get the very first face to face confrontation between Hogan and Flair.  Hogan is
then attacked by Flair and the Undertaker.  Roddy Piper and Randy Savage run out to help the Hulkster. 

15.     Daveyboy Smith v. Mike Samples

16.     Int – Big  Bossman

17.     Int – IRS

18.     Int – Big Bully Busick

19.     Int – Bret Hart



1.        Footage of Ric Flair and the Undertaker attacking Hulk Hogan last week on the Funeral Parlor.  What’s noticeable now, is that Ric Flair’s
NWA Title belt is being distorted so that you can’t recognize the image.  This was in response to legal threats by WCW who are arguing that
the NWA Belt is their property and not the property of Ric Flair who claimed to have purchased the belt and took it with him when he left
WCW for the WWF.

2.        El Matador Tito Santana v. Bob Smedly

3.        Int – Jake Roberts & The Undertaker

4.        Int – Jim Duggan & “Mr. Madness”

5.        Bret Hart v. Big Bully Busick

6.        Promo – The Repo Man repossesses someone’s car

7.        Kerry Von Erich v. Greg Green

8.        Roddy Piper and Randy Savage interviews Elizabeth, who hopes that her husband Randy Savage will be reinstated as a wrestler to fight
Jake Roberts

9.        Skinner v. Ben Jordan

10.     Special Interview – Hulk Hogan

11.     Survivor Series Report

12.     Jake Roberts v. Bob Werner (Jake taunts Savage after the match, and Savaage rushes the ring only to be attacked by Roberts who ties
The Macho man up in the ropes and MAKES HIS KING COBRA BITE HIM!!!  Roddy Piper and Elizabeth come out with the medical
team to stretcher Savage out.  Savage was indeed bitten by that snake, and yes it was supposed to happen.  Jake of course, drained the
venom from the snake prior to the match, so that Savage would only receive a bite wound, but not be poisoned by the Snake.  

Little known fact:  Shortly after this segment, that snake actually died.  When Jake told Savage that Savage killed his snake, Savage said:
 “Hey, I told the snake to back off.”



(joined in progress during the first match.)

1.        Barbarian v. jobber

2.        Int – IRS

3.        Int – Bret Hart

4.        Big Bossman v. Von Krus

5.        Int – Jake Roberts

6.        Int – Randy Savage, who has now been officially reinstatetd and will wrestle Jake Roberts at the Tuesday in Texas PPV.

7.        Ric Flair v. Glen Ruth  (Mr. Perfect is now accompanying Ric Flair to the ring and holding up the now video distorted NWA World Title Belt.)

8.        Int – Skinner

9.        Int – Virgil

10.     Int – Beverly Brothers

11.     From Wrestling Challenge last week:  The Nasty Boys are double teaming Hacksaw Jim Duggan when Sgt. Slaughter runs in and sends the Nasty
Boys and Jimmy Hart packing.  Slaughter then hugs the American Flag and looks genuinely surprised when Duggan offers to shake Slaughter’s
hand.  Slaughter shakes his hand and officially becomes a babyface again.

12.     Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan v. Paul Perez & Dale Wolfe

13.     Int – Undertaker

14.     Daveyboy Smith v. Dave Wilson

15.     Int – Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan

16.     Int – Sgt. Slaughter

17.     Repo Man v. Phil Apollo

18.     Int – Hulk Hogan talks about his upcoming re-match with the Undertaker at Tuesday in Texas.  Undertaker won the WWF Title from Hogan in
very controversial fashion at the Survivor Series.



1.        LOD v. The Executioners

2.        Update – Hulk Hogan regains the WWF Title at Tuesday in Texas, but Jack Tunney has held up the title because of the way that Hogan won it.
The title will now be vacant until the Royal Rumble.  The winner of the 30 man battle royal will become the new WWF Heavyweight Champion.

3.        Mountie v. Al Phillips

4.        Int – Jake Roberts & The Undertaker

5.        Int – Randy Savage & Jim Duggan

6.        Footage of Repo Man repossessing the Million $$$ Belt from Virgil, and then helping Ted DiBiase defeat Virgil to regain the belt.  Tito Santana
runs in to stop DiBiase from humiliating Virgil further and attacks DiBiase, sending him out of the ring.

7.        Ted DiBiase v. jobber.

8.        Int – Sgt. Slaughter

9.        Int – Bushwhackers & Jim Neidhart

10.     Int – Beverly Brothers

11.     The New Foundation v. Kato & Peter Weeks (Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart & Owen Hart debut as a tag team.  Owen’s first appearance since
wrestling in the WWF several years ago as the Blue Blazer)

12.     Royal Rumble report

13.     Greg Valentine v. Barry Horowitz

14.     Nasty Boys v. Paul Perez & Mario Mancini

15.     Int – Mountie

16.     Int – Big Bossman



1.        Bushwhackers v. Barry Hardy & ???

2.        Update – Randy Savage defeats Jake Roberts at Tuesday in Texas, but is attacked by Jake afterward who then beats up Elizabeth

3.        Jake Roberts v. Ross Greenberg

4.        Int – IRS

5.        Int – Bret Hart

6.        Virgil v. Von Krus

7.        Int – Jake Roberts & The Undertaker

8.        Int – Jim Duggan & Randy Savage

9.        Natural Disasters v. Bill Pierce & Kevin Drake

10.     Gene Okerlund and “Classy” Freddy Blassie present Bret Hart with the Wrestler of the Year award.

11.     El Matador v. jobber

12.     Beverly Brothers v. Sonny Blaze & Jim Arnone (After the match, the Beverlys harass Jamison, a nerdy looking fan who has been seen
with the Bushwhackers in recent weeks.  The Bushwhackers come out to Jamison’s rescue.)

13.     Int – Col. Mustafa & Gen. Adnan

14.     Int – Sgt. Slaughter



1.        Ric Flair v. Dale Wolfe

2.        Update – The upcoming Royal Rumble with the winner being named the new WWF Champion

3.        Rockers v. ???

4.        Int – Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect

5.        Int – Hulk Hogan

6.        Bret Hart v. Bob Bradley

7.        Int – Ted DiBiase

8.        Int – Roddy Piper

9.        IRS v. Phil Apollo

10.     Special Interview – Bushwhackers and their friend Jamison

11.     Undertaker v. Al Phillips

12.     Royal Rumble Report

13.     Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan v. Peter Weeks & Chris Duffy

14.     Int – The Mountie & The Natural Disasters

15.     Int – Bret Hart & The LOD



1.        New Foundation v. jobbers

2.        Update – The Royal Rumble

3.        Rick Martel v. Dale Wolfe

4.        Int – Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect

5.        Big Bossman v. jobber

6.        Int – Roddy Piper

7.        Int – Bret Hart

8.        Repo Man v. Larry Simpson

9.        Promo – Tatanka

10.     Funeral Parlor – Roddy Piper

11.     Royal Rumble Report

12.     LOD v. The Rockers (A legitimate dream match!  In the end though, the Rockers lose when Michaels and Janetty mis-time a tag team
move causing Marty to be pinned.  Michaels is very upset and the Rockers argue in the ring)

13.     Int – Virgil

14.     Int – Ted DiBiase





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