Accuacy note:  In going through these matches, I can vouch for the accuracy of the listings as far as the main talent goes.  However I’ve found in numerous cases, that

the names of some of the "Enhancement Talent" that are listed in many of these matches may not be accurate.    If it says that it was Hercules, Ted DiBiase, The Rockers, etc.  Then that is undoubtedly correct. 

But if the listings say that they’re wrestling Tim Horner, Barry Horowitz, Omar Atlas or any of the other enhancement talent on the roster, that might not always be correct. 


January 1, 1989

1988 Year in review


January 8, 1989

1.         Hercules Hernandez v. Barry Horowitz

2.         Update – The Fabulous Rougeaus under the management of “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart settle down in their
new residence of Memphis Tennessee

3.         Ronnie Garvin v. Steve Lombardi

4.         Haku v. Martin Roy

5.         Int – Rick Martel

6.         Int – Hart Foundation & Jim Duggan

7.         The Powers Of Pain v. Omar Atlas and Bob Arie

8.         Int – Demolition

9.         Int – Bad News Brown

10.      Int – Big John Studd

11.      Jim Duggan v. Trent Knight

12.      Special Interview – The Twin Towers (Big Bossman & Akeem)

13.      Promo – The Bushwhackers enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

14.      "Ravishing" Rick Rude v. Robin Idle

15.      Int – Greg Valentine

16.      Int – Brutus Beefcake

17.      Int – Andre the Giant

18.      Int – Akeem

19.      Int – Hulk Hogan

January 15, 1989

1.         Ted DiBiase v. Joe Cruz

2.         Special Report – Hulk Hogan is double teamed by the Twin Towers during the 1/89 SNME.  Randy Savage is strangely
reluctant to come to his partner’s aid and only does so when Elizabeth is threatened.  Is there some dissention between the
Megapowers?  Hmmmm…….

3.         The Brain Busters v. George Terrell and Scott Casey

4.         Mr. Perfect v. Koko B. Ware (From SNME)

5.         Int – Ron Garvin

6.         Int – Bushwhackers

7.         Int – Haku

8.         Hart Foundation v. Greg Valentine & Honkytonk Man (From Superstars)

9.         Bad News Brown v. Bill Mulkey

10.      Special Interview – Big John Studd

11.      Tito Santana v. Red Rooster (Heenan verbally abuses the Rooster throughout the match, but when he starts shoving and
slapping the Rooster following Tito getting the win, Heenan realizes that he may have gone too far.  The Rooster roughs up
Heenan and storms off as a new babyface.)


January 22, 1989

This episode is currently missing.

1.         Jake Roberts v. Tom Stone

2.         The Twin Towers v. Chris Collins and Alan Raye

3.         The Blue Blazer v. Dusty Wolfe

4.         The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers v. Omar Atlas and Tim Horner

5.         Demolition v. "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Alan Kinsey

6.         Mr. Perfect v. Jose Luis Rivera

7.         The Rockers v. Dale Veasey and Bob Blake


 January 29, 1989

1.         Bret "the Hitman" Hart v. Barry Horowitz

2.         Update – Rick Rude attacks the Ultimate Warrior during their Super Pose Down challenge during the Royal Rumble

3.         The Powers Of Pain v. David Stoudemire and Rick Allen

4.         Int – Ron Bass

5.         Int - Hercules

6.         The Red Rooster v. Danny Davis

7.         Dino Bravo v. Scott Casey

8.         Int – Koko B. Ware

9.         Int – Ted DiBiase

10.      Rick Martel v. Dale Veasey (Martel makes his return to the WWF!)

11.      Special Interview – The Twin Towers

12.      The Bushwhackers v. Omar Atlas and Tim Horner

13.      Haku v. Josh Stroud.

14.      Int – Rockers

15.      Int – Jim Neidhart


February 5, 1989 – Good quality

1.         Brutus Beefcake v. Sandy Beach

2.         Special Report – Jake Roberts plays mindgames with Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan on the Brother Love show.

3.         Greg Valentine v. Barry Horowitz

4.         Int – Powers of Pain

5.         Int – Jim Duggan

6.         Tito Santana v. Scott Casey

7.         The Brooklyn Brawler v. Dale Veasey

8.         Int – Big Bossman

9.         Int – Rougeau Brothers

10.      Hercules Hernandez v. Omar Atlas

11.      Special Interview – Ron Bass

12.      The Brain Busters v. Bob Costello and Tim Horner

13.      Int – Big John Studd

14.      Bad News Brown v. Josh Stroud.

15.      Int – Mr. Perfect

16.      Int - Bushwhackers

February 12, 1989

1.         The Rockers v. Danny Davis & Ross Browner

2.         The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers v. Dale Veasey and Bob Blake

3.         Jim Duggan v. Scott Casey

4.         Mr. Perfect v. Josh Stroud

5.         The Blue Blazor v. Dusty Wolfe.

February 19, 1989

1.         Demolition v. "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Jose Luis Rivera

2.         Haku v. Barry Horowitz

3.         Ronnie Garvin v. Danny Davis

4.         Ron Bass v. Chris Collins

5.         The Ultimate Warrior v. Jose Estrada

6.         The Honky Tonk Man v. Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart

February 26, 1989

1.         Jake Roberts v. Tim Horner

2.         Special Report – The upcoming Wrestlemania 5 featuring Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage in the Main Event.

3.         Ted DiBiase receives his Million$$$ Belt!  But we don’t get to see it just yet.

4.         The Brain Busters v. Barry Horowitz and Josh Stroud

5.         Int – Brain Busters

6.         Int – Ultimate Warrior

7.         Brutus Beefcake v. Dino Bravo

8.         Int – Randy Savage gives his take on the breakup of the Megapowers.

9.         Tito Santana v. Dusty Wolfe  (Tito and Martel will be reuniting as Strikeforce at Wrestlemania against The Brainbusters)

10.      Special Interview – Powers of Pain

11.      Bad News Brown v. Scott Casey

12.      Int - Hulk Hogan gives his response to Randy Savage on the Megapowers breakup.

13.      "Ravishing" Rick Rude v. Bob Blake.

14.      Int – Red Rooster

15.      Int – Ted DiBiase

March 5, 1989 – Good quality

1.         The Rockers v. Chris Duffy and Louis Robinson

2.         Mr. Perfect v. Dave Stoudemire

3.         Big John Studd v. Chris Duffy & George Skaaland

4.         Int – Big Bossman

5.         Int – Rockers

6.         The Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine v. "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Mitch Casey

7.         Int – Randy Savage talks some more about his upcoming match with Hulk Hogan

8.         Hercules Hernandez v. Scott Casey

9.         Special Interview – Ted DiBiase with his new Million$$$ Belt

10.      Int – Hulk Hogan gives his take on Randy Savage & his upcoming match at Wrestlemania

11.      The Powers Of Pain v. Dale Veasey and Bob Blake.

12.      Int – Big John Studd

13.      Int – Ted DiBiase


March 12, 1989

This episode is currently missing.

1.         Tito Santana v. Bob Blake

2.         The Twin Towers v. "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Mitch Casey

3.         Bad News Brown v. Gino Carabello

4.         The Ultimate Warrior v. Barry Horowitz

5.         The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers v. Chris Duffy and Louis Robinson.

March 19, 1989:

This episode is currently missing.

1.         Demolition v. Paul Roma and Jim Powers to

2.         Dino Bravo v. Scott Casey

3.         Jake Roberts v. George Skaaland

4.         "Ravishing" Rick Rude v. Barry Horowitz

5.         The Bushwhackers v. Dale Veasey and Bob Blake.



This episode is currently missing.

1.           Brutus Beefcake v. Tim Patterson

2.           Update – The upcoming Wrestlemania 5

3.           Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine v. Ricky Ataki & Mark Ming

4.           Rick Martel v. Jose Estrada (After the match, Tito Santana comes in and celebrates with Martel.)

5.           King Haku v. Frankie Valdez

6.           Promo - Hulk Hogan talks about his upcoming match with Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 5.

7.           Hart Foundation v. Iron Mike Sharpe & Dusty Wolfe

8.           Special Interview – Randy Savage

9.           Brainbusters v. Louie Spicolli & Tim Horner


4/2/89 (March to Wrestlemania 5)

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan recap all the angles leading up to Wrestlemania 5.



1.           Clips of Hulk Hogan defeating Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 5 to win his second WWF World Title.

2.           Int – Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Elizabeth after the match and is attacked by Randy Savage.  Hulk Hogan makes
the save.

3.           Red Rooster v. Barry Horowitz

4.           Promo – “The Genius” Lanny Poffo

5.           Mr. Perfect v. Omar Atlas

6.           Clips of Rick Rude winning the Intercontinental Title from the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 5.

7.           Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Steve Sharkey

8.           Int – Tito Santana talks about his former partner Rick Martel turning on him at Wrestlemania.

9.           Dino Bravo v. Jim Evans

10.        Special interview – The Bushwhackers

11.        Clips of Andre the Giant v. Jake Roberts (with Big John Studd as the guest referee) at Wrestlemania 5

12.        Demolition v. Lou Fabiano & Black Knight



1.        Twin Towers v. Stephan DeLeon & Scott Casey

2.        Update – Randy Savage is on Brother Love and brings out Sensational Sherri Martel will be his new manager.

3.        Blue Blazer v. Danny Davis

4.        26.     Promo – The Genius

5.        Bad News Brown v. Randy Neverman

6.        Hercules v. The Invader

7.        Rougeau Brothers v. Tim Horner & ???

8.        Special Interview – Big John Studd

9.        Barbarian v. Omar Atlas

10.     Tito Santana v. Tom Stone



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. ???

2.        Clips of the Brain Busters v. Strike Force from Wrestlemania 5.  During the match, Rick Martel leaves Santana to get
demolished by the Brain Busters, signaling his heel turn.

3.        Brooklyn Brawler v. Tommy Durante

4.        Rockers v. Chris Duffy & Garry Royal

5.        Ted DiBiase v. Cougar Jay

6.        Promo – The Genius

7.        Jim Neidhart v. Paul Fine

8.        Special Interview – Andre the Giant

9.        Bushwhackers v. Max McGiver & John Wise

10.     Honkytonk Man v. ???



1.        Rick Rude v. Hercules

2.        Brother Love – Brutus Beefcake is demolished by Randy Savage, who along with Sensational Sherri, cuts his hair.

3.        Red Rooster v. Mike Williams

4.        Warlord v. Brian Jackson

5.        Promo – The Genius

6.        Jake Roberts v. Chris Duffy

7.        Brainbusters v. Brick Bronsky & Terry Daniels

8.        Special  Interview – Hillbilly Jim.

9.        Rick Martel v. Brian Owens (Martel is now managed by Slick.)

10.     Bret Hart v. Mitch Casey



1.        Twin Towers v. John Cruz & ???

2.        Blue Blazer v. Garry Royal

3.        Bad News Brown v. ???

4.        Promo – The Genius

5.        King Haku v. Big John Studd (Andre interferes in the match, drawing out Hacksaw Jim Duggan who makes the save.)

6.        Rougeau Brothers v. George Skaaland & Paul Smith

7.        Special Interview  - Jim Duggan

8.        Greg Valentine v. Ronnie Garvin (In Progress.  Garvin scores an upset with a small package.  In an interview after
the match, Valentine promises to retire forever if Garvin can beat him again.  A match is then signed with the
stipulation that whoever loses the fall will have to retire.)

9.        Gret Valentine v. Ronnie Garvin (In Progress.  With a pull of the tights, Valentine wins and Garvin is forced to retire!)

10.     Mr. Perfect v. Bill Spectre



5/14/89 -

1.        Greg Valentine & Honkytonk Man v. Demolition (Ronnie Garvin is the guest referee.  Greg Valentine isn’t happy

about this, because he just recently beat Garvin in a retirement match.  As a referee, Garvin would proceed to make

life hell for Valentine.)

2.        Special Report - Ted DiBiase is in the back with a cold as Jake Roberts wrestles Virgil in DiBiase’s place.  Jake

3.        wins the match, but is brutally attacked by DiBiase afterward.

4.        Int – Ted DiBiase

5.        Int – Jake Roberts

6.        Bret Hart v. Dave Wagner

7.        Barbarian v. Kim Yates

8.        Zeus comes to the ring and scares off the ring announcer.  Hulk Hogan had recently filmed the movie No Holds Barred, and the
          WWF tried to capitalize on it by turning the movie’s villain Tiny “Zeus” Lister into an actual wrestling heel.

10.     Bushwhackers v. Invader & ???

11.     Special Interview – Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan

12.     Hercules v. Randy  something or other.

13.     Rick Martel v. Jim Evans


5/21/89 –

This episode is currently missing.

1.           Brutus Beefcake v. Mike Thomas

2.           Update – Hacksaw Jim Duggan beats Haku to become the new King of the WWF.

3.           Dino Bravo v. ???

4.           Tito Santana v. Tom Stone

5.           Ted DiBiase v. Jim Powers

6.           Special Interview – Elizabeth

7.           Rockers v. The Rougeau Brothers (No match, as both teams brawl on the outside with Shawn Michaels getting injured.)

8.           Ultimate Warrior v. Barry Horowitz


5/28/89 Very Good quality

1.        Jake Roberts v. Tom Burton

2.        Big John Studd v. ???

3.        Twin Towers v. J.T. Thomas & Red Tyler

4.        Special Report – the feud between the Rockers and the Rougeau brothers.

5.        Red Rooster v. Tom Stone

6.        Special Interview – Zeus

7.        Mr. Perfect v. Frank DeFalco

8.        Hillbilly Jim v. ???


6/4/89 Good quality

1.        Bushwhackers v. Chris Curtis & Al Burke

2.        Haku v. Jim Evans

3.        Jim Neidhart v. Dave Wagner

4.        Rougeau Brothers v. Jim Powers & ???

5.        Honkytonk Man v. Red Tyler

6.        Special Interview – Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka makes his return to the WWF and is attacks  the Honkytonk Man.

7.        Rick Martel v. Jerry Lynn (Yes, THAT Jerry Lynn)

8.        Promo – “THE AMERICAN DREAM” DUSTY RHODES!  Dusty cuts his first WWF promo from a stable shoveling

         horse maneur.

9.        Ultimate Warrior v. Scott Colton


6/11/89 – Very Good quality

1.        Demolition v. Todd Becker & Fuller Stevens

2.        Greg Valentine v. ??? (Valentine complains some more about Ronnie Garvin causing him problems.)

3.        Tito Santana v. Dusty Wolfe (Ron Garvin is the referee)

4.        Brainbusters v. Jeff Gronsky & Paul Roma

5.        Brutus Beefcake v. Tom Stock

6.        Special Interview – Honkytonk Man

7.        Mr. Perfect v. Lance Allen

8.        Promo – Dusty Rhodes is working behind the counter at a Taco shop.

9.        Ted DiBiase v. JT Thomas



This episode is currently missing.



This episode is currently missing.



1.        Rockers v. Barry Horowitz & Tom Stone

2.        Update – The Ultimate Warrior, still upset over losing his IC title to Rick Rude, spoils one of Rude’s post match
Rude Awakenings.

3.        Int – Ultimate Warrior

4.        Int – Rick Rude

5.        Ted DiBiase v. Brad Perry

6.        Promo – This week, the comman man, Dusty Rhodes works in a butcher shop

7.        Jimmy Snuka v. Tom Burton

8.        Dino Bravo v. Ronny Fails

9.        Mr. Perfect v. Jim Evans

10.     Special Interview – Hillbilly Jim & King Duggan.

11.     Twin Towers v. Jim Powers and Tom Stock

12.     Red Rooster v. Butler Stevens



1.        King Duggan v. Jim Magen

2.        Brother Love – Tito Santana cofronts Rick Martel and a brawl erupts.

3.        Int – Rick Martel

4.        Int – Tito Santana

5.        Brainbusters v. Sonny Rogers & Red Tyler

6.        Hercules v. Butler Stevens

7.        Barbarian v. Ray Oakley

8.        Bad News Brown v. Larry Larson

9.        Special Interview – Demolition

10.     The Widowmaker v. Todd Becker (Barry Windham makes his return to the WWF after a 3 year absence.)

11.     Promo – Dusty Rhodes works at a gas station.

12.     Hart Foundation v. Boris Zukhoff & Jake Milliman (Ronnie Garvin is the referee)



1.        Brutus Beefcake v. ???

2.        Update – Ronnie Garvin is making life difficult for the WWF’s heels.  Garvin actually disqualifies Dino Bravo during a

         squash match.  Bravo attacks Garvin afterward, who brawls with him in the ring.  WWF President Jack Tunney warns

         Garvin about fighting withi the wrestlers.

3.        Brainbusters v. Gary Wolfe & Tony Durante

4.        Jimmy Snuka v. Barry Horowitz

5.        Rick Rude v. Jim MacPherson

6.        Brother Love – Randy Savage & Zeus

7.        Demolition v. The Gladiator & Dave Pullman

8.        Special Interview – Ted DiBiase & Virgil

9.        Hillbilly Jim v. Sandy Beach

10.     Mr. Perfect v. Dave Paradise



1.        Honkytonk Man v. Bill Wood

2.        Rockers v. Smitty Austin & Mike Williams

3.        Promo – Dusty Rhodes.  Same promo as last week.

4.        Widowmaker v. Dennis Allen

5.        Haku v. John Weiss

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. ???

7.        Special Interview – Andre the Giant and the Twin Towers, who will be fighting Jim Duggan and Demolition in a 6-man
tag match at Summerslam.

8.        Tito Santana v. Boris Zhukov

9.        Powers of Pain v. Chuck Williams & George Skaaland



1.        Bushwhackers v. The Gladiator & Sandy Beach

2.        Update – Dusty Rhodes debuts on WWF Superstars and runs off the Big Bossman, stealing his nightstick in the process.

3.        Bad News Brown v. ???

4.        Red Rooster v. Jim Chapel

5.        Dino Bravo v. Dale Wolfe

6.        King Duggan v. Iron Mike Sharpe

7.        Special Interview – The Brain Busters

8.        Rougeau Brothers v. Terry Daniels & Mario Mancini



1.        Tito Santana v. Iron Mike Sharpe

2.        Brother Love – Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan.  The Ultimate Warrior comes out and promises that he will defeat Andre

3.        when they meet in the ring.

4.        Ted DiBiase v. Mark Reagan

5.        Mr. Perfect v. Brian Johnson

6.        Randy Savage v. Brutus Beefcake (From the 7/89 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event.  Zeus comes out to help

7.        Savage, which draws out Hulk Hogan.)

8.        Int – Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake

9.        Hillbilly Jim v. Don Champ

10.     Special Interview – Randy Savage & Zeus

11.     Brainbusters v. Mutch Mayo & Mario Mancini



1.        Twin Towers v. George Skaaland & Mike Williams

2.        Greg Valentine v. Jimmy Snuka (From the 7/89 SNME.  Ronnie Garvin is the referee and costs Valentine the match. 

3.        Valentine is so upset that he demands that Garvin be reinstated as a wrestler.  Jack Tunny grants the request, setting up

4.        a match between Valentine & Garvin for Summerslam.

5.        King Duggan v. Sandy Beach

6.        Haku v. Tony Durante

7.        Hart Foundation v. Mike Scarberry & Jim Arnold

8.        Honkytonk Man v. Jim MacPherson

9.        Special Interview – Ultimate Warrior

10.     Rick Martel v. Dale Wolfe

11.     (Towers, Duggan, Haku, Foundation, Honky, Martel)



1.        Jimmy Snuka v. Barry Horowitz

2.        Update:  Roddy Piper is introduced as Gorilla Monsoon’s co-host on Primetime Wrestling.  This of course means lots of
           fireworks between Piper and Monsoon’s OTHER co-host Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

3.        Bad News Brown v. Ben Wagner

4.        Rockers v. Chris Duffy & Alan Kinsey

5.        Greg Valentine v. Brian Johnson

6.        Red Rooster v. Mitch Casey

7.        Special Interview – Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan.  Heenan has some choice words for Roddy Piper.

8.        Demolition v. Boris Zhukov & Bill Woods



1.        Hart Foundation v. Tom Stone & Jake Milliman

2.        Update – Roddy Piper and Rick Rude get into a pull-apart brawl on the set of Prime Time Wrestling. 

3.        Mr. Perfect v. Dale Wolfe

4.        Tito Santana v. Jim Gorman

5.        Ted DiBiase v. Ricky Ataki

6.        Ronnie Garvin v. Boris Zhukof (Garvin makes his first appearance after being reinstated as a wrestler.)

7.        Special Interview – Randy Savage & Zeus

8.        Rougeau Brothers v. Bob Allen & Mark Ming



1.        Demolition v. The Intruder & Tim Patterson

2.        Update – Ultimate Warrior gets brutally attacked by Andre the Giant.

3.        Honkytonk Man v. Louie Spicolli

4.        Red Rooster v. Barry Horowitz

5.        Powers of Pain v. Don Stevens & Mike Luca

6.        Special Interview – Dusty Rhodes

7.        Widowmaker v. David Bertroch

8.        Rockers v. Steve Vega & The Brooklyn Brawler

9.        Greg Valentine v. Jerry Monti



1.        Jimmy Snuka v. Jake Milliman

2.        Update – the continuing feud between Rick Rude & Roddy Piper.  Footage is shown of Piper distracting Rude during
Summerslam 89, causing him to lose the Intercontinental Title to the Ultimate Warrior.

3.        Dino Bravo v. Louie Spicolli

4.        Bushwhackers v. Black Knight & Darryl Nickels

5.        Rick Martel v. Tim Horner

6.        Dusty Rhodes v. Tom Stone

7.        Special Interview – Bad News Brown

8.        Hillbilly Jim v. Paul Ketchum

9.        Brainbusters v. Mark Young & Jim Evans



1.        Brutus Beefcake v. Dale Wolfe

2.        Update – The Piper/Rude feud continues as Piper humiliates Brother Love and is then brutally attacked by Rude.

3.        Rougeau Brothers v. Butch Mayo & Terry Daniels

4.        Ronnie Garvin v. Barry Horowitz

5.        Big Bossman v. Mark Boswell

6.        Tito Santana v. Chris Duffy

7.        Special Interview – Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan

8.        Koko B. Ware v. Sandy Beach

9.        Powers of Pain v. George Skaaland & Mark Frear



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. John Weis

2.        Update – Randy Savage defeats King Duggan to become the new King of the WWF. 

3.        Hart Foundation v. jobbers

4.        Mr. Perfect v. Mario Mancini

5.        Ted DiBiase v. Gary Wolf

6.        Dusty Rhodes v. Boris Zhukof

7.        Special Interview – The Brainbusters

8.        Hercules v. ???

9.        Greg Valentine v. Jim McPherson



1.        Demolition v. Craig Reilly & Don Champ

2.        Update – The Coronation of the new King of the WWF, Randy “Macho King” Savage.

3.        Jimmy Snuka v. Bob Bradley

4.        Haku v. ???

5.        Prior to Roddy Piper’s match, footage is shown of Rick Rude doing his post match Rude Awakening kiss to a lady who
didn’t seem too impressed.

6.        Roddy Piper v. Barry Horowitz (After the match, Piper does his own version of the Rude Awakening to the lady from the

         previous segment.  She liked Piper much better.)

7.        Widow Maker v. Butch Mayo

8.        Special Interview – Jake Roberts, who promises revenge on Ted DiBiase for putting him out of wrestling for several months.

9.        Rick Martel v. ???

10.     Bushwhackers v. Chris Duffy & ???



1.        Rockers v. Tom Stone & Al Burke

2.        Update – The feud between Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant

3.        Hillbilly Jim v. Ray Oakley

4.        Bad News Brown v. Joe Cazana & Rick Horner (Handicap match)

5.        Brutus Beefcake v. Craig Green

6.        Powers of Pain v. ??? & ???

7.        Promo – Mr. Perfect shoots some Pool

8.        Special Interview – Hacksaw Jim Duggan

9.        Rick Rude v. Jim Evans

10.     Ronnie Garvin v. ???



1.        Jake Roberts v. Barry Horowitz

2.        Red Rooster v. Jim Merkle

3.        Big Bossman v. James Sexton

4.        Tito Santana v. Tony Burton

5.        Brainbusters v. Mark Young & Bill Woods

6.        Special Interview – Roddy Piper

7.        Dino Bravo v. Red Tyler

8.        Brother Love & The Genius introduce Mr. Perfect

9.        Jimmy Snuka v. ???



1.        Bushwhackers v. Boris Zukoff & Dale Wolfe

2.        Special Report – Hulk Hogan is attacked by Zeus after his match against Ted DiBiase on Saturday Night’s Main Event

3.        Widow Maker v. Warren Bianchi

4.        Jim Duggan v. Brooklyn Brawler (After losing his crown to Randy Savage, Duggan is a great deal more aggressive.)

5.        Honkytonk Man v. Scott Hawkins

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Brian Costello

7.        Special Interview – Slick, Jimmy Hart, and their Survivor Series team of Big Bossman, Akeem and Rick Martel.  The only
one missing is the Honkytonk Man, who just wrestled a couple of matches ago.

8.        Jim Neidhart v. Tony Burton

9.        Haku v. Randy Larson



This episode is currently missing.



1.  Jake Roberts v. Tony Burke

2. Mr. Perfect plays golf

3.  Bad News Brown v. Mike Williams

4.  Ted DiBiase v. Bill Woods

5.  Roddy Piper v. Frank Brown

6.  Dino Bravo v. Dale Wolfe

7.  Special Interview - Ultimate Warrior, Jim Neidhart & The Rockers

8.  Demolition v. The Brainbusters (Demolition regains the WWF Tag Team Titles)




1.        Tito Santana v. Honkytonk Man

2.        Update – Footage is shown of Demolition defeating the Brainbusters to regain the WWF Tag Team Titles

3.        Greg Valentine v. Reno Riggins

4.        Bushwhackers v. Mike Scarberry & Kenny Arnold

5.        Mr. Perfect plays someone in pingpong (he wins of course.)

6.        Widowmaker v. Mark Regan

7.        Rockers v. Barry Hardy & ???

8.        Special Interview – Demolition, Jake Roberts and Hulk Hogan

9.        Brother Love – He interviews Randy Savage’s Survivor Series team of Widowmaker, Dino Bravo and Greg Valentine. 

10.     Jim Duggan’s team of Bret Hart, Hercules and Ron Garvin runs them off though.

11.     Powers of Pain v. Bill Woods & Chuck Casey



1.        Demolition v. Gedne Ligon & The Conquistador

2.        Update – Rick Martel is now known as “The Model”

3.        Dusty Rhodes v. Akeem

4.        Andre the Giant & Haku v. Brian Johnson & Mike Powell

5.        Mr. Perfect shows off his perfect form at the swimming pool.

6.        Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Rusty Riddle

7.        Special Interview – Ted DiBiase’s Survivor Series team of DiBiase, Zeus and the Powers of Pain.

8.        Jimmy Hart and Dino Bravo challenge the Ultimate Warrior to a test of strength.  They choose a huge guy from the audience

         to sit on the Warriors back while he does pushups.  Unfortunately, the big guy happened to be a plant from Hart and Bravo
         as “John” turned out to be Big John “Canadian Earthquake” Tenta, who proceeded to absolutely DEMOLISH the Warrior.
         This was the debut of the Earthquake.




1.        Jake Roberts v. Al Burke

2.        Special Report – Mr. Perfect and the Genius destroys the WWF Title belt.

3.        Bolsheviks v. 2 jobbers

4.        Jimmy Snuka v. Mike Scarberry

5.        Bad News Brown v. Mike Justice

6.        Dino Bravo v. Paul Roma

7.        Special Interview – Roddy Piper

8.        Rick Martel v. Red Tyler

9.        Bushwhackers v. Trent Knight & Barry Horowitz



1.        Dusty Rhodes v. ???

2.        Jim Duggan v. Spike Jones

3.        Colossal Connection [Andre the Giant & Haku] v. Al Burke & Mike Shelton

4.        Ultimate Warrior v. The Conquistador

5.        Special Interview – Mr. Perfect & The Genius

6.        Greg Valentine v. ???

7.        Ted DiBiase v. Scott Colton



1.        Rick Rude v. Frank DeFalco

2.        Jimmy Snuka v. Brian Costello

3.        Powers of Pain v. Todd Backer & James Sexton

4.        Tito Santana v. Barry Horowitz

5.        Footage of Slick verbally abusing a woman dressed in polka dots like Dusty Rhodes.  The lady slaps him, and when Slick
and the Big Bossman try to attack her, Dusty Rhodes himself runs out and makes the save.  He then takes the lady to the
back with him.  That lady would soon be known as Sapphire.

6.        Big Bossman v. Allen Reynolds

7.        Special Interview – Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake

8.        Honkytonk Man v. ???

9.        Demolition v. Brooklyn Brawler & Cleo Reeves



1.        Rockers v. Tony Burton & Larry Lawson

2.        Dino Bravo v. Randy Fox

3.        Red Rooster v. Barry Horowitz

4.        Mr.  Perfect v. ???

5.        Bret Hart v. Dale Wolfe

6.        Special Interview –Randy Savage & Zeus

7.        Jake Roberts v. Craig Green

8.        Bolsheviks v. W.T. Jones & Todd Becker



1.        Ultimate Warrior v. Lee Peek

2.        Ted Dibiase v. Jerry Monti

3.        Dusty Rhodes introduces his new manager, Sapphire.

4.        Rick Martel v. Allen Martin

5.        Ron Garvin v. ???

6.        Bad News Brown v. Mike Howe

7.        Special Interview – Roddy Piper

8.        Bushwackers v. ???






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