WWF/ALL JAPAN WRESTLING SUMMIT 4/13/90 (Very Good quality)

1.        Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka v. Kenta Kobashi & Masa Fuchi (Shane McMahon is the referee for this match!)

2.        Bret Hart v. Tigermask II (Tigermask is Mitsuhara Misawa)

3.        Big Bossman v. Jake Roberts

4.        Mr. Perfect & Rick Martel v. Haku & Jumbo Tsuruta

5.        Randy Savage v. Genichiro Tenryu

6.        Ultimate Warrior v. Ted DiBiase

7.        Demolition v. Andre the Giant & Shohei “Giant” Baba

8.        Hulk Hogan v. Stan Hansen (GREAT MATCH!)


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