THE TRUTH HURTS - Wrestlings most violent matches and incidents!

Note:  The video quality on this set never gets above “good”

Disk 1

1.        Chris Benoit  v. Sabu  (Benoit earns the nickname “The Crippler” when he and Sabu botch a backdrop, causing Sabu to
land directly on top of his head, BREAKING HIS NECK!  SICK!  November To Remember 94)

2.        Rick Steiner & Lex Lugerv. Scott Norton & Buff Bagwell (Bagwell suffers damage to several vertebrae and develops
Spinal Shock syndrome following a botched diving bulldog by Rick Stiner. Bagwell has to be stretchered out, and would not
return to action for 10 months!  Thunder 4/22/98)

3.        Kevin Nash v. The Giant (Nash accidentally drops the Giant on his head, attempting a powerbomb. Souled Out 1998)

4.        Steve Austin v. Owen Hart (Owen hits a sitting piledriver on Austin , breaking his neck.  Summerslam 1997)

5.        Nasty Boys v. Max Payne & Cactus Jack (Knobbs dislocates his shoulder when a belly-to-belly suplex goes wrong. 
Superbrawl 1994)

6.        Mike Awesome v. JT. Smith (Awesome nearly takes Smith’s head off in this match, but it’s more memorable for the
post-match action as Awesome attempts a flying elbow from the top turnbuckle, but the rope breaks, sending Awesome
crashing into the ring!  ECW - Night The Line Was Crossed 1994)

7.        Cactus Jack v. Sabu (Sabu breaks several ribs after landing on the guardrail while moonsaulting Cactus.)

8.        Cactus Jack v. The Sandman (Texas Death Match.  BRUTAL!  The Sandman suffered a LEGIT concussion in the first
minute of the match after receiving one of many chair shots by Cactus, causing Sandman legitimately forget the finish of the match!  As a result, when it was time for the match to end, Sandman kept getting up before the ref’s 10 count despite
Cactus hitting him with multiple finishers to end the match.  Cactus had to evetually hit him with a
LEGIT DDT to KNOCK HIM OUT COLD!    Thus finally allowing the ref to make the 10 count to end the match.)

9.        Ron & Chicky Starr attack Mike Davis of the Rock & Roll RPM, busting a picture over his head.  Glass goes flying
everywhere! And Davis is busted open in several places.  Footage is shown of Davis getting stitches backstage afterward.)

10.     Manny Fernandez  v. Invader 3. (VERY BLOODY MATCH, as Fernandez brutalizes Invader #3 as “payback” for
the murder of Bruiser Brody by Invader #1.  Fernandez brutalizes Invader #3, dropping several knees on his chest from
the top rope.  Invader #3 is visibly injured,

11.     Gangstas v. Dvon Dudley & Mass Transit (17 yr old Eric Kulas subbed for Axl Rotten after  lying about his age and
training and wrestled with a Ralph Kramden gimmick.   During the match, New Jack BRUTALIZES the kid with among
other things, a surgeon’s scalpel , making him AN ABSOLUTE BLOODY MESS!  Kulas wound up having to be taken from the ring by paramedics.  This match resulted in New Jack going on trial for assault with a dangerous weapon, and
getting sued by the Kulas family.  Due to facts coming to light about Kulas lying about his age and training, and witness
testimony proving that Kulas had actually ASKED New  Jack to blade him, New Jack was acquitted of all charges.)

12.     WING Kanemura & Shoji Nakamaki v. Jado & Gedo(Fire Match.  Insane match, with the ring surrounded by fire on all
sides.  Jado pours gasoline on the mat, lights the mat on fire and powerbombs Kanemura onto the fire.  Kanemura
burned his back and needed 4 months to recover!  FMW 10/31/93)

13.     Sabu v. Terry Funk (Barbed Wire match.  Both men are bleeding incredibly here, with Sabu having had his bicep literally
ripped open by the barbed wire.  The match ended with both men so badly tangled up in the barbed wire that it took
several ring technicians with wire cutters to free them.  Born to be Wired 8/9/97)


Disk 2

1.        Mr. Pogo v. “Mr. Danger” Matsunaga (Pogo blows a fireball at Matsunaga and LIGHTS HIS WHOLE HEAD ON FIRE!)

2.        Mr. Pogo v. Terry Funk (Explosive Barbed Wire Match. 

3.        Terry Gordy v. Jim Duggan v. One Man Gang (

4.        Brian Christopher v. Scott Putski (IYH Ground Zero Brian Christopher attempts a cross body to the floor, and Puski injures his knee in the process, causing the match to be stopped.)

5.        Ric Flair v. Ted DiBiase (Mid South  11/6/85 - Dick Murdoch puts DiBiase headfirst into the ringpost, and busts him wide

6.        Ricky Steamboat v. Daveyboy Smith (Wrestling Classic PPV – Daveyboy crotches himself on the top rope.  OUCH!)

7.        Steven Regal v. Chris Benoit (Regal takes a very stiff suplex, landing on the back of his head.  Regal is holding his head
repeatedly, and they appear to go straight to the finish to end the match.)

8.        Edge v. Jose Estrada (Edge breaks Estrada’s neck in his WWF debut match when he hits Estrada with a somersault
plancha.  RAW 6/22/98)

9.        Marc Mero v. Steve Austin (King of the Ring 1996.  Not sure where the injury is here.  Mero sells the Stone Cold Stunner
as if he really hurt his throat, but I’m not sure about this one.)

10.      (Smoky Mountain "Night of Legends", 8/5/94- most of this match aired on TV. This bad day start
 early for Chris Jericho, who broke his wrist earlier that day. He wrestles in a cast, and the Bodies give him a beating.
Chris blades with the wrong hand, and the results are awful. THIS IS THE SINGLE BLOODIEST MATCH IN THE
  I'd go further and say that along with Fonzie losing 30%
of his
blood to Beulah, and the infamous Mass Transit incident,  this has to be (unintentionally) one of the BLOODIEST
Jericho is completely covered in the red stuff from head to toe, and the ref and the Bods are wearing plenty of it too.)

11.     Toshiaki Kawada vs.  Mitsuharu Misawa (01/22/99 – Kawada breaks his arm mere minutes into this match, but
actually continues to wrestle the entire 24 MINUTE MATCH!)

12.     Vader v. Cactus Jack (Munich Germany 3/15/94.  Want to know why Mick Foley only has one ear?  Here’s where it happened!)






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